Starfish is a Student-Tutor Pastoral and Academic support system. The project was initiated as part of a Student-Experience board initiative and championed by Student Union and the Dean of Students, it is supporting the College’s Education and Student Strategy, and offers a platform as the basis for a unified College-wide student support.

Arising from a request by the Student Union, a team from various College areas relating to student support examined the available platforms and in the end Starfish was chosen as best fitting the College’s requirements. Then a successful 10 month pilot period followed with 3 participating departments (Chemistry, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Bioengineering).

The system is currently offered as a service to departments interested in adopting it. The roll-out is in a phased mode. If your department would like to adopt Starfish, then please see the Introducing Starfish to new departments page.

Starfish has a student and a tutor interface (portal), and it can assist in the following areas:

  • Facilitate interaction between students, tutors, teachers, and other College roles. 
  • Show students the photos, contact details, and profiles of members of staff that are in their support network.
  • Show tutors the photos and contact details of their tutees.
  • Show students a list of central support services available to them. 
  • Allow students to search and contact tutors and other members of staff in their support network 
  • Recording and tracking student concerns.
  • Help provide early notification of academic and pastoral concerns.
  • Keep notes on a student’s progress and achievements for future reference. 
  • Provide Senior Tutors with an overview of concerns within their department.
  • Tracking the attendance of courses and tutorials.
  • Ability to provide ‘to-dos’ and action plans to students. 
  • Ability to setup academic milestones for PGR students. 
  • Record tutorial and meeting outcomes