If you’re experiencing problems using Starfish, please refer to the following guides. If these do not give you a solution, then please contact your departmental representative. If you cannot find one then your department might not be using Starfish yet. You can also contact support via ASK (in the system selection choose ‘Starfish’).

What if I don’t see any of my students, or they are not the right students?

There is something wrong with your staff-to-students relationships. Please contact your departmental representative.

I get a “You do not have access” message?

You have no role assigned in starfish. Please contact your departmental representative. If your department is not listed, then it is not using Starfish yet.

What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer is not supported. Please use the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. Safari and Opera are also supported but you might have to work through the steps explained below.

For any browser issues you are first advised to clear your browser’s ‘cache’ and ‘cookies’ (please see how to clear cookies at the bottom of the 'use of cookies' page). If you are still having issues, then you can contact support via ASK (in the system selection choose ‘Starfish’).


If you are using Safari then you might get a “Your Starfish session has expired” error. In that case you need to temporarily enable ‘3rd party cookies’.

  • To do that, you need to go to the Safari ‘Preferences…’ and then navigate to the “Privacy” area (1 in the screenshot below).
  • Then in the “Block cookies” section select “Never” (2 in screenshot)

  Safari cookies

  • After that you need to login once to Starfish (so that the cookie is created)
  • And finally you can go back and re-select the option “From third parties and advertisers”, which will enable again the blocking of 3rd party cookies (always allowing 3rd party cookies can be a security threat, so our recommendation is to switch this back).