Funded by a BBSRC Impact Acceleration Account award, we have developed a simple OPT module that can be added to a standard inverted fluorescence microscope to provide 3-D imaging of samples up to ~1 mm diameter. The OPT system makes use of the existing instrumentation, including camera, objectives and light sources.

We aim to share this technology with the wider community and a prototype of this OPT add-on has been installed on a microscope in the FILM facility where it can be accessed researchers throughout Imperial College London. CAD designs and open-source µManager acquisition program are available to download. Further details are available from James McGinty.

CAD designs

CAD designs

The CADdesigns are available to download in IGS and STEP formats. This model has been designed to operate with a Zaber stepper motor (NM08AS-T4).

Acquisition Software

The instrumentation and data acquisition are controlled through µManager, a freely available open source microscopy software package. The OPT acquisition code and instructions are available to download, for operation with an Andor Zyla 5.5 sCMOS camera and Zaber stepper motor NM08AS-T4. Other cameras can be used as long as they can be operated using the microManager OPT software.

Reconstruction Software

The Radon_Transfrom Instructions is available as a plugin for ImageJ, titled Radon_Transform.jar. Instructions are available for download (from Nature Methods: doi:10.1038/nmeth.2508).