Joining the club involves companies making an annual charitable donation. All funds will be used to support academic and educational purposes; we might, for example, use the donation to set up a much-needed student hardship fund, or to provide follow on funds to explore research ideas as well as fund the two annual Industry Club events.

Types of memberships & benefits

Baseline Membership

Industry club members

  • Invitation to Events: Two members from your company will be invited to each departmental Industry Club event.
  • Public Relations: All companies that are members of the industry club will be named on our web site and on the department’s promotional literature which is sent to schools, universities and government and charitable institutions, both in the UK and abroad.
  • Circulation of Recruitment Adverts: We will circulate adverts to the appropriate student groups, and notification of new appointments and internships will be posted to the web site.
  • Library Facilities: Walk-in library facilities can be made available for day visitor access.
  • Research Collaboration: The department welcomes the opportunity to engage in industrially relevant research with companies and has a significant number of current industrial collaborators. Club members are welcome to come and talk to us about approaches to addressing technical matters, although the scheme is not intended as a substitute for sponsored research or consultancy arrangements.
  • Being Connected: Industry Club members can be informed of events and seminars associated with one or more research groups.

Advanced Membership

Includes all of the benefits of baseline membership plus the following: Industry club members

  • Invitation to Events: Five members from your company will be welcomed to each departmental Industry Club event.
  • Judging and Prize Awarding: A member of your company will be invited to act as a judge for the post graduate student poster session at the post graduate research (PGR) symposium held each June. A company named prize will be awarded at the PGR prize giving ceremony. The prize will be announced to the department and posted on our prizes web site.
  • Promotion: Your company logo will be displayed prominently on all industry club recruitment advertising
  • Bespoke Events: A variety of events can be arranged for companies to meet undergraduate and postgraduate students, and postdoctoral staff. We will also organise coordination with other departments across College, inviting students from other disciplines to your events if you have broader recruitment interests.
  • Scholarship Program for Overseas Students: Provision of a scholarship donation for Masters or PhD students is an area that would create more bespoke visibility for individual members of the club. The scheme would be promoted by our Academic Ambassadors and the College international office and we would run the scholarship competition through the College Registry and our PG admin team. We will hold an award welcoming event for scholarship holders and sponsoring companies.

Plus further ways of working with the Department

Prize giving at the Albert Hall: We are always happy to facilitate discussions regarding named prizes announced at the undergraduate or post graduate Graduation Ceremonies held each year in the Albert Hall.

Electronic Journal Database: Access to our electronic journal catalogues is possible for members who wish to upgrade to industrial departmental visitor status