The Physics Department will be making an application for an Athena Swan Gold Award in spring 2015.  The submission documents and outcome of this application will be available in due course.


  • Draft application for Athena Swan Gold award





2007-2010 Summary

The Physics Juno Committee was set up in 2007 and the committee started work on improving the Department's practices and policies.

In 2009 the Department applied for, and was awarded, an Athena SWAN Silver award.

After receiving the Silver award, the Committee continued to oversee the Department's practices and made further improvements.


  • Inclusive wording on all adverts for all jobs
  • Engagement with other departments within College to support best practice and SWAN activities/submissions (ongoing)
  • Engagement with other universities (Surrey, Warwick, UCL, Cambridge, Oxford) on their SWAN applications (ongoing)
  • Participation in the Asset survey (national survey 2010)
  • Departmental teaching awards extended to all staff (including technical and post docs)
  • Detailed survey of UG motivation for studying physics and career aspirations
  • Detailed analysis of admissions/recruitment procedures for UG (ongoing)
  • 12 month buy-out from teaching for all RAs returning from Maternity leave (initiated by Physics, extended College-wide)
  • Formalising the role of the post graduate students reps committee so that they are a more active forum for PG students
  • Encouraging links between PG and Post docs and the setting up of a buddy scheme between them
  • Initiating a regular meeting forum for technicians, and technical representation on the Juno committee
  • Teaching load review
  • Creation of departmental level training packages on health and safety




  • Formation of the Juno Committee
  • Interviewed academic women in the department
  • Annual collation of statistics of UG, PG, RA, and staff numbers by gender and report to HoGs