Welcome to the homepage Imperial College Women in Physics Student Society! We’re a group of enthusiastic young researchers who are passionate about physics and excited about a future in science. We know that for the best science to happen we need to access the talent of the whole of the workforce.  We’re committed to increasing the amount of women in the physics department at every stage of their careers: from undergraduate to professor. To do that, we organise events that celebrate women’s achievements and talk about issues we might face. We’re keen to establish a community amongst all the brilliant women of Blackett.

What do we do?

This year we are trying to hold one event each month - so far we've made cocktails, hosted guest speakers, been ice skating and taken part in discussions and debates in central London. Alongside these adventures, we meet on campus once a fortnight for lunch, where we can share ideas and network. To sign up for our mailing list, click here. If you have any proposals for events or questions about the committee, get in touch with our members.

Women in Physics Committee

About the Committee

The Women in Physics Committee offers support to all of the brilliant women in the Imperial College physics department, at all stages of their careers. The committee connects undergraduates, postgraduates, post-docs and faculty members. We run a series of events focused on women’s development as scientists and showcasing options for their educational and professional futures. We share resources and news of external events alongside advice for current students, information and points of contact for prospective students and a Women in Physics Champion scheme. 

Committee Members

Hannah Williams - Postgraduate Lead hannah.williams10@imperial.ac.uk

Jess Wade - Postdoctoral Representative jessica.wade@imperial.ac.uk