Welcome to the homepage Imperial College Women in Physics Student Society! We’re a group of enthusiastic young researchers who are passionate about physics and excited about a future in science. We know that for the best science to happen we need to access the talent of the whole of the workforce.  We’re committed to increasing the amount of women in the physics department at every stage of their careers: from undergraduate to professor. To do that, we organise events that celebrate women’s achievements and talk about issues we might face. We’re keen to establish a community amongst all the brilliant women of Blackett.

Why do we exist?

There are very few women working in STEM subjects (5.3 % of women-in-work, vs. 31.3 % of men) and even fewer in leadership roles. Only 11.6 % of the highest paid academic roles and 10.7 % of board directorships are held by women. We want to convince undergraduate women to continue in physics, through a series of events focused on their development as scientists and showcasing options for their educational and professional futures.

Women in Physics Committee

About the Committee

The Women in Physics Committee offers support to all of the brilliant women in the Imperial College physics department, at all stages of their careers. The committee connects undergraduates, postgraduates, post-docs and faculty members. We run a series of events focused on women’s development as scientists and showcasing options for their educational and professional futures. We share resources and news of external events alongside advice for current students, information and points of contact for prospective students and a Women in Physics Champion scheme. 

Committee Members

Jess Wade Jess Wade - Postgraduate Representative

My name is Jess Wade and I’m in my final year of my PhD. You can find more about me on my professional web page (PWP). I did my undergraduate physics degree and MSci at Imperial College. In my final year, I was lucky enough to start working with the Nanoanalysis Group in the Centre for Plastic Electronics. I was so happy in the group I won a prize for my Masters project and then went on to do a PhD. My work is focused on solution processing organic semiconductors, which we print to make flexible electronic solar cells and LEDs. I spend a lot of time using microscopes and lasers to figure out how individual units of the molecules are aligned, and how we can improve on that for charge transport. We heat turn the devices on and heat them up to see how the molecules behave when they’re working to better inform the synthetic chemists about how to design their materials. 


Meriame Berboucha - Undergraduate Representative

I'm Meriame, a second year undergraduate with a passion for medical physics - using the power of physics to save lives! I also adore science Outreach and go back into my old school to spread the word about science through cool projects/experiments carried out in a weekly science club. I was the only girl to have taken physics onto higher education from my school and want to increase the numbers.


Heli Hietala - Post Doc / RA representative


Felicity McGrath - Post Doc Representative

Felicity graduated from NUI Galway in 2011 with a first class honours in Experimental Physics. After completing her contract at the NCLA, Felicity started her PhD in the Quantum Optics and Laser Science (QOLS) group at Imperial College London in October 2011. Her PhD is focused on revealing molecular structure and dynamics using High Harmonic Generation (HHG) Spectroscopy.
Aside from her research, Felicity is extremely active in the management of the Imperial Optical Society which is a merging of the OSA and SPIE student chapters. The chapter has so far organised many successful departmental lectures, has secured funding for students to attend conferences in the USA, participated in the organisation of a conference with Aston University, Birmingham and has hosted many outreach events both on and off campus. In April 2014, international networking platform LinkedIn made Felicity one of their 14 “Ones to Watch for 2014” based on her academic and entrepreneurial achievements.
Outside of academic life, Felicity is the founder and manager of a pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle business at her home in Galway, Ireland. The business is steadily becoming one of the best reputed Angus cattle sources in Galway county. The herd has also won many awards including an All-Ireland title in 2009.


Nilushi Wijeyasinghe - Postgraduate representative


Gwenhivir Wyatt-Moon - Postgraduate representative

I am a PhD student with the Experimental Solid State Group and I work on novel fabrication techniques for solid state devices. I completed my undergraduate degree in electrical and electronic engineering at Swansea University and worked as a research engineer for medical devices company, before completing a Masters at Imperial.


Alexandra Paterson - Postgraduate representative