Applications for Research Fellowships

We welcome Fellowship candidates from the UK and overseas. The Department provides a highly supportive environment in which to develop your career and we currently host Fellows at all stages of career development. We are an Institute of Physics Juno Champion and Athena Silver Swan award winner in recognition of promoting best practice and gender equality for all our members.

Candidates wishing to select us as their host are advised to please contact the relevant Research Group to discuss their application as soon as possible as the Department holds a selection process for Fellowship schemes and you will need a member of academic staff to act as a internal sponsor during the application process.  A guidance document about this process is available. 

There are a wide range of Fellowships available but each has specific rules and regulations - please ensure that you have read the sponsor's information and can meet the eligibility requirements before contacting us.

The deadlines for potential applications to reach the Research Group will appear here as the next round of the schemes are announced and applications received after these respective dates will not normally be considered. If you are interested in a scheme that doesn't appear in the lists below then please do still contact the relevant Research Group to discuss. 

If you are approved to submit a formal application the Department will assist you throughout the application process. We set internal submission deadlines which are substantially earlier than the sponsor deadlines to allow for sufficient preparation and approval time, you will be advised of this and you can also see the deadlines on the application guidance webpage.

The Postdoc Development Centre provides a series of training activities such as workshops on "Preparing Successful Fellowship Applications", one-to-one support and mock interviews.

See our presentations on Fellowships internal processes and Fellowships criteria and success rate for further guidance on applying.

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Open Calls

Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship

Please contact Research Groups.  There is a College selection process and the Department is limited to nominating two candidates into theis process.  Groups have to nominate to the Department review by 21st July 2017.

STFC ERnest Rutherford Fellowships

Please contact Research Groups, each Group is allowed to nominate up to three applicants to the Departmental review, their deadline to do so is 10 August 2017 and they may have earlier internal deadlines.  A nomination consists of your CV, publications list, and brief research proposal summary.

NERC Independent research fellowship

Please contact Research Groups, their deadline to submit to the Departmental review is 14 August 2017 and they may have earlier internal deadlines.  A nomination consists of your CV, publication list, and a brief research proposal summary. 

Imperial College Research Fellowships

The Physics Department internal deadline is Monday 21August 2017 to Louise Hayward who will organise the Head of Department signature and collate and submit to College. Applicants will need to submit the monitoring form and arrange for the confidential reference to be sent direct to Research Fellowships by 29 August 2017.

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship

You need an Imperial sponsor that you will need to arrange, there is no Departmental nomination process for this scheme.

The Imperial Physics Departmental deadline for confirmation you are applying with us is 1 September 2017 and our deadline for ECAS access to be given and forms to be complete is 8 September 2017.

The College EU Office are happy to read draft proposals - their deadline is 21st August 2017 - contact James Lloyd with any queries.

RSE/STFC Enterprise Fellowships

Please contact Research Group.  There is no nomination deadline but candidates need Departmental approval to apply.

Further info

If you are at Imperial you can register for the online funding news service Research Professional.

If you have any general questions about the fellowship process please contact Louise Hayward. Note that you have to contact the Research Groups to find a sponsor. 



  • Timeliness of Fellowship at this point in your career
  • Independent Researcher
  • Current standing within the national / international community
  • Referees & their comments
  • Quality, originality and potential impact of proposed research
  • Broader context surrounding the research 
  • Abilty to plan and manage resources 
  • Ability to communicate to a generalist audience 
  • Potential to fulfil the wider responsibilities of an academic career (teaching, public engagement etc) and evidence of leadership ability
  • Appropriateness of the Group with whom you want to work with
  • Alignment with the strategic priorities of the research council/sponsor