Student input into teaching happens through a number of channels. On a formal basis there are Staff Student Committee meetings and Lecturer and Tutor evaluation questionnaires via Student On Line Evaluation (SOLE).

Meetings of the Staff Student Committee are held monthly. In these meetings two student representatives from each academic year make the opinions of the students known to academic staff in an informal and non-confrontational environment. Any actions arising from these meetings are implemented by Senior Tutor, DUGS and HOTS. When introducing new elements to the course we conduct internal reviews and ask for student feedback as part of this process. 

Good practice guidelines for Staff Student Committees are also available for more information on how the committee should be run.

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Staff Student Committee

Committee Members


Members of the Committee

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr Robert Forsyth

Student Committee Chair
Tim Marley

Head of Department
Prof Michele Dougherty

Year 1 Representatives
Peiyu (Tom) Liu
Aparna Pillai

Admissions Tutor
Dr Juliet Pickering

Year 2 Representatives
Leonard Logarič
Mika Smith

Senior Tutor
Dr Ingo Mueller-Wodarg

Year 3 Representatives
Alexandra (Teia) Mihailescu
Mark Thomas

Staff Representative Head of Year 1
Dr Simon Bland

Year 4 Representative
Julia Wiśniewska

Staff Representative Head of Year 2
Dr Yvonne Unruh

Year in Europe Representative
Jennifer Scott

Staff Representative Head of Year 3
Dr Mark Richards

Michaela Flegrova

Education Manager
Derryk Stewart

Phys Soc Rep

Student Liaison Officer
Dr Yasmin Andrew


Undergraduate Administrator
Amy Cripps-Mahajan

Updated: Oct 2018

Minutes and Papers

Minutes for previous years are available by contacting Derryck Stewart.

Student Staff Committee Minutes - Departmental Meetings [All Year Groups]
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