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Computing Committee

Group Representatives for computing around the Department.

Committee members
 David Colling (Chair)  HEP & 2nd Year Computing
 Richard Bantges  SPAT
 Ray Beuselinck  HEP
 Simon Bland  Plasma
 Caroline Clewley  1st year Computing
 Carlo Contaldi  Theory
 Simon Fayer  HEP
 Adam Huffmann  HEP
 Robert Kingham  Plasma Physics & Comp. Physics
 Adrian Mannall  ICT
 Subhanjoy Mohanty  Astro
Carl Paterson  Photonics & 2nd Year Computing
 Steve Rochford  ICT
 Stefan Scheel  Quantum Optics and Laser Science
 James Spencer  Condensed Matter Theory
 Peter Torok  Photonics
 Harry Vine  Departmental Services Manager
 Jing Zhang EXSS Section 
Committee members

Storage Space

What are you initially allocated?

Home Directory

Member of DepartmentSpace allocated
 Staff 8 Gbytes 
 Research  8 Gbytes
 Taught PGs  8 Gbytes
 UG Students  4 Gbytes

Email (Staff can opt into email archiving if they need more space)

Member of DepartmentSpace allocated
 Staff  2 Gbytes
 Research  2 Gbytes
 Taught PGs  2 Gbytes
 UG Students  1 Gbytes
More help

Buying Computers

How do you buy? What should you buy?

Imperial has buying agreements with HP and Apple; if you buy from either company your computer will come with a 3 year warranty (which includes accidental damage cover for HP laptops). We receive excellent support from both companies in the event of faults and would strongly recommend that you do not buy elsewhere unless absolutely essential. Please contact the Service Desk if you need advice on choosing the best computer.

The websites for Apple and HP have Imperial specific pricing; in the case of HP you will find that this is much better than you would find elsewhere.

If you have an old computer on your desk or in your lab and no budget to replace it then call into Huxley 411 – we may be able to find a better second-hand computer to help.

Computer Software and Licensing Information


To obtain Mathematica please visit the following links. All members of Physics are now entitled to download and use a full version of Mathematica, so please distribute this information as widely as possible. The procedure for obtaining a license and a legal copy of the software is slightly different for students and staff. The instructions should be followed from the websites below:

Intel Complilers and Labview

The Intel compilers and Labview are free for all staff and postgraduate students to install on College owned computers. Please contact the Service Desk if you would like them to be installed.


Matlab is free for all staff and students – registration details differ depending on your status but theinformation is on the ICT website

Other software

A range of other software is available – check the Software Shop website or contact the Service Deskfor more details.


How do I print in college?

There are a number of Printservice printers around Campus, details of these and how to print are below:

Who can help me with Desktop Publishing and Technical Graphics?

The Desktop Publishing, Photography and Technical Graphics team provide high quality services. They can also help with Poster production.

Electronic Resource Access

You can obtain full access to the College's electronic resources including the library and electronic journals if:

  1. You are at a machine that is on the College network and have a valid user name and password
  2. If you dial in directly to the college network from outside using a modem
  3. If you access the college web pages from an outside ISP and set your browser to use a College Web cache
  4. If you use an outsude ISP and set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to the College network

Details can be found on the College ICT and library websites:


How to contact the ICT Helpdesk:

The ICT Service desk can be contacted by visiting the website, calling 020 7594 900 (internal 49000), emailing  or visiting them in person on level 4 in Sherfield. There is also a local faculty support office in Huxley 411.