On your first day:

On your first day

On your first day at work you must complete:

  • Safety induction
  • HR Meeting
  • Group procedures induction
  • Mandatory training (where relevant to your role)

Your line manager or group administrator can help you if needed.


Why have a safety induction?

Building safety inductions are needed for all persons entering College premises, so that they have access to basic safety information.  This includes a range of information from how to call for assistance or emergency services (via Security),  to action to take in the event of fire, obtain first aid, and notify of accidents and incidents or building problems.

Who should carry out an induction?

In theory, anyone resident in a building should be able to induct someone new to it – the form and guidance (see below) is designed to enable this. However, it is the person in control of the work (i.e. who supervises, line manages, invites or contracts), who is responsible for arranging the induction. This could be a person in charge of persons, areas, equipment or processes (for example an academic in charge of a research group or laboratory, maintenance team leader, project or building manager, or technician in charge of a workshop).

For contractors embedded or resident within College space, it may be the building manager or member of the Property Team, who carries out the initial induction for the senior manager who then carries out inductions for any of their staff or visitors.  Building managers will need to induct cleaning supervisors for their buildings, who in turn will need to induct the cleaners working within these buildings (including holiday cover). Note that not every aspect of the checklist will be relevant to every contractor.

Delegating the task of induction

Line managers are advised to delegate this task only to persons competent to undertake it – but they cannot delegate their responsibility for ensuring that it is arranged.

ID card Departmental Representative

To help to ensure that cards are only issued to authorised persons, departments who issue/request cards should have someone in place who is responsible for this process.  For more information on this and supporting identification, follow this link to the Security ID Card / Access web page.

Day One Health and Safety Induction Checklist (pdf) 
For staff, students and visitors expected to be on site for five days or more. As from 1 April 2008, Security will only issue swipe cards on production of a completed, signed checklist. 

Day One Health and Safety Induction Guidance (pdf) 
Day One Health and Safety Induction Guidance (Word version) 
Supporting guidance for use in completing the above checklist. Departmental Safety Officers / Faculty Safety Managers / Building Managers may work together to “personalise” the guidance by adding the relevant building details, and then use it during Day One induction throughout the building or department.

Day One Health and Safety Induction Flowchart (pdf)
Shows how the induction process should work for employees and research students, UROPs, taught students in Halls and departments, visitors and contractors, building projects, and for tenants (commercial and domestic).

Information for Contractors and Visitors

Safety Instructions for Contractors and Visitors (pdf)
Basic safety information for contractors and visitors expected to be on site for short periods (< five days).

Posters and Notices

Need your Identity Card? (pdf)
Procedures for obtaining a security card

Human Resources

What DO you need to do with HR on your first day?

In your contract pack you will be given a date and time to visit HR.

What you need to bring with you:

  • Your passport (and any immigration documentation you have if you are a non EEA national). If you do not bring this you will not be able to start work.
  • Your original qualification certificate.
  • Completed Personal Details form.
  • Completed Bank and Pension Details form.
  • P45 or P46 if you do not have a P45.
  • A signed copy of your contract.

If you do not have a National Insurance number, we will be able to provide you with an application form at this meeting.

Please contact HR if you have any queries.

Group Procedures

New member of staff, please ask to be taken through each of the below points.

Group/Section Induction giver - please ensure each point has been completed, it is essential that new members of staff are made aware/given information for all of the below.

Below is a list of items that should be covered, you can also print and complete this list.

New member of staff Induction

In case of Emergency - What to do, Emergency numbers, identify Group Safety Coordinator
First Aid
Swipe Card (Completed day 1 induction to be taken to Security Office to obtain) 
Tour around the Department
Security - Lockers, Keys, Swipe
Set up new employee with computer login
Set up new employee with a desk (if applicable)
Group Telephone List given
Drinks/Lunch - Where to go?  How long for lunch?
Stationary - Where can this be found?
Conditions of use for Imperial Computers
Sickness - who to notify.
Holiday - How much? How to book time off.
Incoming/Outgoing post
Finance: placing orders/travel procedures/Expense Policy
Office hours and out of hours working / lone working
How to book rooms
Photocopying - How to gain access
Season ticket loans

Mandatory Training

Please see the New Staff - training and induction requirements - Sept 2014 for details of what training you need to complete.