Teaching On these pages you will find teaching information for academic staff.  New staff can find further help and advice on the staff induction pages. Information for students, including timetables, course lists and options, can be found on the Undergraduate students pages, or in the Undergraduate Handbook.

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Submit Course Materials

Lecturers now have a choice on how to submit course materials.

1. Documents that you want uploaded to the Physics Blackboard course pages can be sent to Kayleigh Murphy in the UG Office.  They will also arrange for photocopies to be printed.
2. You can upload course materials to Blackboard yourself. You will be given full designer access to your course before the start of the academic year. You will still have to inform the UG office of any hard copies you want made. The 'selective release' function allows staff members to set release dates for documents. Please email Victor Urubusi if you require help with this.

If sending for upload, please try to include a suitable title for each document submitted as the proper titles are not always obvious when the documents are opened up. It is also very important that you let us know when you want the documents uploaded. You must include a date for upload in your email to the UG Office, if there is no date on your email then we will assume that you want the file(s) put on the site straight away.

Ideally documents should be sent electronically. Documents can be sent through as postscript, PDF or any Microsoft format. If the files are in another format it is unlikely that we can use it. If you cannot provide electronic format then paper copies can be scanned for you. Please note that we often cannot guarantee that the documents will be put up on the site by a specific date if they are to be scanned as this process takes a lot longer.

You should give the UG office three days to complete the photocopying.

Please email Victor Urubusi if you require an archive zip file with all handouts from a course.


Assessment of ECTS Credit for UROP Placements

Form B [docx] Application for the allocation of additional ECTS credits to an extracurricular UROP project

Cohort Photos

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2017-2018 (Year 2) - by Tutorial Class

2016-2017 (Year 3) - by Tutorial Class

2015-2016 (Year 4) - by Tutorial Class

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Clear information for students regarding plagiarism is provided on the UG plagiarism page.

Information on College policies can be found here:


These documents are here to help staff with the undergraduate examinations process. 
These files are in PDF format.

  • Examinations Timetable 2019- TBC
  • Cover Letter 2018-19 (Staff only)- TBC
  • Candidate Guidance (including labels & seating plans guidance) - Uploaded Dec 2016
  • LaTeX Templates - Last updated 20 May 2013

Examiner's Meetings:

  • Internal Examiners Meeting (3rd & 4th year) - Date, time & location - TBC
  • Final Examiners Meeting (3rd & 4th year) - Date, time & location - TBC
  • Internal Examiners Meeting (1st & 2nd year) - Date, time & location - TBC