Designing your teaching: 

College has developed two documents to help you as
 you develop teaching for next year  

Principles to build in: Principles for online and blended learning  

A checklist for applying to your course: Checklist for online modules  

Imperial Teaching Toolkit 

and particularly the section on online learning and teaching: 

This contains some useful guidance to think through when considering how/whether to combine synchronous/asynchronous content, as well as case studies which are helpful for seeing the range of activities that are possible. 

FONS Remote Teaching pages: is the College level page (also includes the other links above and links to pages from other Faculties) 

Collected feedback from the staff-meeting breakout discussions on online teaching can be found here 

Features you may not be aware of: 

Features you may not be aware of tabs

Quizzes in Panopto

Simple quizzes can be embedded into Panopto videos.  The video will pause and there is the option to block continuing until students get the question right.  Guidance here.


Mentimeter can be embedded into Blackboard in a way that does not require students to enter a code (so that there is no issue of the code expiring).  (Details of how to do this to follow)


Padlet can be used as an online noticeboard for sharing information such as in the staff meeting – it can be used with text or other kinds of content.  It is free to have up to three active Padlets at once. 


Piazza is a wiki-style discussion forum which is less clunky than Blackboard’s native one.  It integrates into Blackboard.


Mobius is better and more flexible than Blackboard quizzes for integrating mathematical questions into quizzes.  These can be algorithmic (which means they can be adaptive and different for different students) and can be embedded into or interleaved with teaching content. 

Mobius guidance is available here 

Aintroductory guide to building content with Mobius is being prepared by the Edtech teams and is due to be available shortly.


Flipgrid allows students to share video/poster content.  This also integrates well into Teams.  Students are really adept at making videos and the current online format might be an opportunity to make more use of this, perhaps formatively rather than in for-credit assessments.  It could also be useful in building and maintaining community. 

FONS Edtech are developing templates which should make deploying these straightforward (they will include some guidance for staff) and provide an intuitive organisation of content for students.  These are currently in the prototype phase and Edtech are inviting feedback from Physics staff – for access to the sandbox modules, please email the Teaching Office and they will give you access.

For developing online lecture content: 

Various different
 combinations will allow you to do this.  Some main ones are:

1. Laptop/computer + tablet  [FONS AV guidance doc 1]

A tablet can act as a second video stream (in addition to your laptop webcam) with the right software to link your laptop and tablet 

2. Laptop/computer + drawing tablet [FONS AV guidance doc 1]

A drawing tablet does not have a screen of its own but is an affordable alternative and is preferred by some over using an iPad etc 

3. Laptop/computer + visualiser [FONS AV guidance doc 1]

Low-cost visualiser devices are available and connect to your computer by USB 

4. Laptop/computer + iOS device as visualiser [FONS AV guidance doc 7a

Some general guidance on setting up for online recordings is here 

We are putting together some examples of content people have produced with different technology and this will be available soon.


Guidance on using Panopto Personal Recorder software

Installing Panopto Personal Recorder

Link below to Central ICT website on how to install personal panopto recorder. 

Please email the FONS Edtech team at if you have any problems with setting a folder for recordings to be uploaded to.

Recording/editing recordings

Moving/copying recordings

FONS Edtech team have created wiki documentation pages with instructions on how to move, copy recordings over: 

FONS AV workshops

Niels Boyadjian and colleagues are running a workshop session every Weds afternoon over the summer, 15:15-16:15. They are there to help you and can show you how you can record and edit video content from home using Panopto Personal Recorder.  

Click here to join the Teams meeting.