Group Academic Mentors for 2016-17 are:

Astrophsyics Jonathan Pritchard
Condensed Matter Theory

Kim Christensen (EEM & CMTH); 

Derek Lee (Blackett)

Arash Mostofi (ITYC)

Experimental Solid State

Chris Phillips - 2016 starters

Rupert Oulton – 2015 starters
Will Branford – 2014 starters
Alistair Campbell – 2013 starters

High Energy Physics Gavin Davies
Institute of Shock Physics Dan Eakins
Photonics James McGinty
Plasma Physics Jerry Chittenden
Quantum Optics & Laser Science Leszek Frasinski
Space & Atmospheric Physics Juliet Pickering
Theoretical Physics Fay Dowker

The Departmental Welfare Advisor is Dr Arnaud Czaja.  His role is to resolve any welfare issues in confidence that cannot be dealt with at group level.  If there are any issues that are of concern do not hesitate to contact him.