Postgraduate Administration

The DPS oversees the Postgraduate recruitment process at both PhD and MSc level, and monitors progression and completion. The PG Secretary co-ordinates applications, studentships, transfers from MPhil to PhD, progressing and completion procedures. She also organises payment of PG demonstrators and tutors.

The Postgraduate office is located in Room316, Blackett Laboratory.

Points of Contact for Postgraduate Students

If you have any questions or concerns which you wish to discuss then you should see your supervisor or Research Group Postgraduate Academic Mentor:

  • Astrophysics: Dr Jonathan Pritchard
  • Condensed Matter Theory: Professor Kim Christensen
  • Experimental Solid State: Dr Riccardo Sapienza
  • High Energy Physics: Professor Gavin Davies
  • Institute of Shock Physics: Dr Simon Bland
  • Photonics: Dr James McGinty
  • Plasma Physics: Professor Jerry Chittenden
  • Quantum Optics & Laser Science: Professor Leszek Frasinski
  • Space & Atmospheric Physics: Prof Juliet Pickering
  • Theoretical Physics: Prof Fay Dowker

If you prefer, you may also contact:
Physics Department Postgraduate Welfare Advisor
Dr Arnaud Czaja, Room H726, Tel: 41789

All interactions are confidential

Female Students – If you have any issues which you prefer to discuss confidentially with a female member of staff, the following contacts are available within the Department:

College points of contact

The Faculty Tutor is:

In addition you may contact:

  • Student Counsellors Tel: (020) 7594 9637
  • Health Centre Tel: (020) 7594 9375
  • Student Adviser Tel: (020) 7594 8067
  • Disabilities Officer Tel: (020) 7594 9755

Other useful information may be found at: