These model answers are provided as a guide to students as to what is expected in a good solution to an examination question.  Due to the process by which they have been compiled it is unavoidable that there will be a few cases for which the model answer given here does not match the question asked in the final form of the examination paper.

We don't have control over the exams run by other departments (e.g. Computational Neuroscience is organised by Bioengineering) and as a result you might find that we don't have solutions for some papers. Other missing solutions could be due to being unable to find them or lecturers requesting that they are removed. We only host the last 3 sets of model answers. 

Model Solutions



Electricity & Magnetism Answers (PDF) & Relativity Answers (PDF)
Maths Analysis Answers (PDF)
Mechanics, Vibrations & Waves Answers (PDF) 
QPSoM Answers (PDF)
Mathematics Answers (PDF)


Atomic Answers (PDF)Nuclear & Particle Physics Answers (PDF)
Electromagnetism & Optics Answers (PDF)
Environmental Physics Answers (PDF)
Maths & Statistics of Measurement Answers (PDF)
Quantum Mechanics Answers
Solid State Physics Answers (PDF)
Sun, Stars & Planets Answers (PDF)
Thermodynamics Answers (PDF) & Statistical Physics Answers (PDF)


Comprehensive I Answers: 2015 (PDF)
Comprehensive II Answers: 2015 (PDF)
Comprehensive II Additional YiE Answers: 2015
Advanced Classical Physics Answers (PDF)
Astrophysics Answers (PDF)
Complexity and Networks (PDF)
Computational Physics Answers (PDF)
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Answers (PDF)
Group Theory Answers (PDF)
Instrumentation Answers (PDF)
Lasers, Optics & Biophotonics Answers (PDF)
Light and Matter Answers (PDF)
Medical Imaging Answers (PDF)
Plasma Physics Answers (PDF)
PUFD Answers (PDF)
Statistical Mechanics Answers (PDF)


Advanced Particle Physics Answers (PDF)
Atmospheric Physics Answers (PDF)
Cosmology Answers (PDF)
Device Physics Answers (PDF)
General Relativity Answers (PDF)
Hydrodynamics & Shocks Answers (PDF)
Laser Technology Q1, 3 & 4 Laser Technology Q2, 5 & 6
Optical Communications Physics Answers (PDF)
Plasmonics & Metamaterials Answers (PDF)
Quantum Field Theory Answers (PDF)
Quantum Information Answers (PDF)
Quantum Optics Answers (PDF)
Quantum Theory of Matter Answers (PDF)
Space Physics Answers (PDF)
Unification Answers (PDF)