The papers provided here are up to date as of the relevant examination that candidates sat in April/May/June. If any corrections were made to the paper during the examination, where possible the corrected paper is provided below. If later revisions of the examination papers are received, the date of upload will be noted next to the relevant paper.

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Year 1 
Electricity, Magnetism and Relativity (PDF)
Mathematical Analysis (PDF)
Mathematics (PDF)
Mechanics, Vibrations & Waves (PDF)
Quantum Physics & Structure of Matter (PDF)

Atomic, Nuclear & Particle Physics (PDF)
Electromagnetism & Optics (PDF)
Environmental Physics (PDF)
Mathematics & Statistics of Measurement (PDF)
Mathematical Methods (PDF)
Quantum Mechanics (PDF)
Solid State Physics (PDF)
Sun, Stars & Planets (PDF)
Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics (PDF)

YEAR 3 & 4
Comprehensive I: 2016 (PDF)
Comprehensive II: 2016 (PDF)
Advanced Classical Physics (PDF)
Advanced Hydrodynamics (PDF)
Advanced Particle Physics (PDF)
Astrophysics (PDF)
Atmospheric Physics (PDF)
Computational Physics (PDF)
Complexity and Networks (PDF)
Cosmology (PDF)
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (PDF)
General Relativity (PDF)
Group Theory (PDF)
Information Theory (PDF)
Instrumentation (PDF)
Imaging & Biophotonics (PDF)
Lasers (PDF)
Laser Technology (PDF)
Light and Matter (PDF)
Medical Imaging - X Rays & Ultrasound (PDF)
Medical Imaging - Nuclear Diagnostics and MRI (PDF)   Medical Imaging - Nuclear Diagnostics and MRI Formula Sheet (PDF)  Medical Imaging - Nuclear Diagnostics and MRI Data Sheet (PDF)
Nanotechnology in Consumer Electronics (PDF)
Optical Communications (PDF)
Physics of the Universe & Fluid Dynamics (PDF)
Plasma Physics (PDF)
Plasmonics & Metamaterials (PDF)
Quantum Field Theory (PDF)
Quantum Information (PDF)
Quantum Optics (PDF)
Quantum Theory of Matter (PDF)
Space Physics (PDF)
Statistical Mechanics (PDF)
Unification (PDF)

Past Papers tabs