The answers to the frequently asked questions we receive in the Undergraduate office are below. If you can't find the information you are looking for then either come to the UG office, room 317, level 3 Blackett or email us at phugadmin.

UG Office FAQs

What are your opening times?

We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am - 5 pm and closed for lunch between 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm.

Lost property

Although there is no official lost property area in Blackett, we do sometimes have things handed in to us at the UG Office. It might also be worth asking down in the main reception, level 2 Blackett, as items are sometimes handed in there if we're closed. If your item has not been handed in at either of these places then you should check the main security office on level 1 of the Sherfield Building. They act as the main office for lost propert across the campus.

Where are the lecture theatres and tutorial rooms?

You can find Lecture Theatre 1 on level 3 Blackett, and Lecture Theatres 2 and 3 on level 1 Blackett. 

Tutorials will take place in one of the following rooms:

311 located on level 3 Blackett
539 located on level 5 Blackett
640 located on level 6 Blackett
741 located on level 7 Blackett
1004 located on level 10 Blackett

Spare handouts from lectures?

Spare handouts and problem sheets from lectures can be found on the front desk in the UG office. If you can't find the handout you require, please check the course page on Blackboard. Enough copies are made for one per person on the course, additional print runs will only be done in exceptional circumstances and at the request of the lecturer. 

I want to meet my lecturer(s), what are their office hours?

Office hour information can be found on the course pages on Blackboard.

Can I use the stationary on the counter?

Yes, all students are permitted to use any of the stationary (staplers, guillotine, pens and pencils) supplies we have on the counter. Please do not take any of these supplies outside of the UG Office as things get lost!

Can I book a room?

Yes, please either visit the UG Office or email us at phugadmin for any Physics related room bookings. Students are advised to book rooms after lectures have ended, ideally from 6pm onwards. Any Society bookings need to be made through the Student Union.

I've run out of printing credit

You can top up your card through the following link:

Printing Credit Portal

You can also top up using the machines in the Central Library.

Can I put up a poster outside the UG Office?

Unfortunately, we are no longer permitted to allow anyone to put a poster up outside the office due to fire and health & safety regulations. However, you can put your poster(s) on the large noticeboard downstairs on Level 2.

Lab related assessed work

If you have been given any assessed work from your Lab group, please liaise directly with the Lab Office. This includes any hand-ins. The Lab office is on Level 4 of the Blackett Laboratory.

My ID Card has stopped working

Please see the ID Card Office. They are based on level 1 of the Sherfield Building.

If you need an extension to your ID card because you are staying here over the Summer for a placement, e.g., UROP,  please let your UROP Supervisor or the Administrator for the Research Group hosting your UROP know so they can get in touch with the Records team in Registry to extend your registration date at the College.

How do I register my locker?

At the beginning of the academic year please visit the UG Office to register your locker. This is a first come first serve basis and you can use any of the available red coloured lockers. In the first instance, you need to purchase your own padlock (the Student Union shop sells them), find a locker on level 1 or level 0, padlock it, and then let us know which one you have chosen so that it is registered under your name. Lockers must be emptied by the end of the academic year unless you are doing a UROP. 

Where can I get a copy of the timetable?

Download your timetable.

Please note that the timetables are subject to change, and if yours is affected you will be alerted via email.

You can also sign up to get your timetable synced to your Outlook calendar, details can be found here. This gives you automatic updates when any changes are made to your timetable. If you have any trouble setting this up on your account or mobile device then you can visit the ICT Helpdesk located on level 1 of the Central Library. 

I need a Confirmation of Study letter and/or a transcript of results?

We cannot produce any letters or transcripts for you at the Undergraduate Office unless you are an Erasmus student, in which case we can only produce a letter confirming that you are studying here at Imperial and not a transcript. For all other students, transcripts and confirmation of study letters can be requested at the Student Hub on Level 3 of the Sherfield building.

I am interested in staying on at Imperial to begin a Postgraduate course, who can I talk to?

Please see the Postgraduate Office, they are located next door in Blackett 316.

What do I do in a first aid situation?

There is a list of certified first aiders outside the UG office on level 3, Blackett. The first aiders you are most likely to approach are Amy Cripps-Mahajan located in the UG Office, room 317, Blackett, Dr Vijay Tymms located in room 312, Blackett, or Graham Axtell located in the Year 2 Lab Office, room 406, Blackett.

Who are the Mental Health First Aiders?

If you need to speak to someone for confidential support or about a mental health issue, you can approach one of our Mental Health First Aiders; Mery Fajardo in the Admissions Office, 306 Blackett or Kayleigh Murphy or Amy Cripps-Mahajan in the UG Office, 317, Blackett.