Overview of the Physics Programme

Students will find key information in our Programme Specifications.

The Prequisites Diagram will assist students in selecting their 3rd and 4th year options when they are in Year 2

The information below relates to the 2020-21 academic year.

Presentations and Information on the Degree Programmes

Year 1

Students will find these talks and more at the Year 1 Blackboard area.

Year 1 Day 1: Induction [October 2020]‌

Year 1 Day 2: Senior Tutor Presentation‌ [October 2020]‌ & Panopto recording

Year 1 Day 2: Safety Talk Slides [October 2020]

Year 1, Day 4 Tutorials and Seminars [October 2020]

Year 1, week 3: Welfare and Mental Health [October 2020]

Year 1, Week 7: Progression though the degree programmes‌ [Nov 2020]

Year 1 Exams and Revision Technique‌ [Dec 2020]‌

Year 1 Examinations and Projects Briefing (Panopto recording) and Year 1 Exams and Mit Circs Talk 2021

The Second Year - Options and Horizons [May 2021]

Year 2

Welcome to the 2nd year by Dr Yvonne Unruh [October 2020]

LaTeX lecture by Prof Zulfikar Najmudin‌ [LaTeX Presentation slides]

Year 2 Weekly APS Submission Information‌

Information on Absence

Year 2 Return of Weekly APS Submission Information

Year 2 Careers Talk & Year 2 Professional Skills Intro‌

Degree Switch Options

Exam Talk 2021

Year 3

Year 3 Introduction Talk 2020 [October 2020]‌ - including Comprehensives, Tutorials & Examinations

Year 3 Lab Student Briefing‌ [October 2020]

Introduction to BSc Projects‌ [October 2020]‌

Information on Options

3rd Year Lab Report Writing, Presentation of Data & Experimental Errors<‌ [October 2020]

Year 4

Year Abroad Programme

You can find all the Year Abroad presentations on the Year Abroad pages.