Freshers week is set up to provide an introduction to the College, the Department, the Union and your hall of residence.  A great deal of useful and very important information will be communicated to you. There is a risk of information overload, but everything is included to help you find your feet and to move forward happily, successfully and safely.

You can also download Imperial Mobile - the mobile application that enables you to access College information and services anytime, anywhere.

Freshers Week tabs


College Registration

You must register online before arriving on campus.  This will entail uploading a photograph and (if you are an overseas student) a copy of your passport photo page.  Make sure you print off the Registration Confirmation page and bring it with you, as this will be necessary for various induction procedures.  College identity (ID or swipe) cards will be handed out in the halls of accommodation on arrival, or in the department during Week 1.

Departmental Registration

The timetable for Freshers Week is slightly different for each student, but there are a number of compulsory lectures for the cohort and there is further information on the website for new students.  On both Monday and Tuesday mornings there will be talks from Department and College officers.  These are intended both to instruct and to amuse or inspire and you will pick up some important information about the College, department and Physics degree programmes. 

Freshers Fair

Attend the Tuesday Freshers Fair to learn about the wide range of non-academic activities available. It might seem like there is too much information to take in, but make the most of the event because it will be the best opportunity to find out what's on offer. It's likely that you'll already have ideas on what you would like to do in your leisure time - don’t get side-tracked into too many other activities.

Introduction to Tutors

You will meet your tutors on either Thursday 4th or Friday 5th October. The date is dependent on your Tutorial Class. The location and time of this meeting will be on your timetable. This will be an opportunity to meet your tutors and the other members of your tutorial class, as well as to make arrangements for the first tutorials, which will take place within the following few days [see Tutors and Tutorial Classes].

Freshers Tea

This takes place on Monday afternoon on the Level 2 and Level 3 Foyer Areas in Blackett. You will have the opportunity to talk to some of the academic and other staff who are directly involved with First Year students.  

Talks and inductions

The introductions to Computing, Laboratory, and Measurements & Uncertainty are held on Friday 5th October. The Maths Test, photos and Library inductions will be completed by the end of Friday 5th October.


Timetable & first lecture

The timetable properly begins on Monday 8th October, and the first lecture is at 10.00am.  Lectures, tutorials and laboratory usually start at 9am and run until 5 or 6pm.  You will note that Wednesday afternoons are kept free for other student activities.  It is important to make a good start, equipped with note-taking equipment.  The first two or three weeks are particularly hectic.  It gets more orderly after that, but you will probably find that the eleven weeks of the first term pass by very quickly!