The Physics Department lies in the northwest corner of the South Kensington Campus and occupies the whole of the Blackett Laboratory and parts of the adjoining Huxley Building.  Campus maps and information will be able to give you directions. 

Getting around the building

Floors are known by “Level” numbers - the sub-basement is Level 0 and the highest floor in Blackett is Level 11.  The main entrance to the Blackett Laboratory from Prince Consort Road enters at level 2 (this is street level).  The Huxley Building has an additional floor, 6M, between Levels 6 & 7, so walking through from one building to the other varies on different floors, and sometimes involves going up or down stairs.  View plans of all the floors in the building.

Office numbers in both buildings have the "Level" number as the first digit (or two digits for Levels 10 & 11).  Those in the Huxley building are prefixed ‘H’.

Facilities for the disabled -  Wheelchair access is via the side entrance to Level 2 Blackett from Callendar Road, or via the main entrance to the adjoining Huxley building.  There are accesible toilets and showers located on Level 1. All teaching facilities have level access via lifts.  Lecture Theatre 1 has wheelchair access on Level 2 and Lecture Theatres 2 & 3 have access on Level 0.

Main teaching areas (level 0 - level 4) 

Lecture Theatres, Computing Suite, Teaching Laboratories, and Study Areas are concentrated near street level on Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Level 4 houses the Teaching Laboratories for the First, Second and Third Years.

Level 3 gives access to Lecture Theatre 1, the Computing Suite and the Teaching Administration Offices.  Most Year 1 & 2 lectures take place in Lecture Theatre 1 (LT1), which holds 246 people.  The Computing Suite has about 100 computers, some reserved for teaching during the day, but the majority available for your use from 8.00am to 10.00pm; it also has printers and a scanner and offers a wide range of software. The Student Administration Office (Room 317) is a source of much information and paperwork.  Check the notice boards opposite the Student Admin Office regularly for notices about teaching, timetables, exams and so on.  Other information comes via the website, Blackboard [], or email. Jing Zhang (Senior Tutor), Bob Forsyth (Director of Undergraduate Studies, DUGS), Derryck Stewart (Undergraduate Education Manager) and Mery Fajardo (Admissions and Disabilities Officer) also have their offices on Level 3.

Level 2 foyer has dispensing machines, a water fountain, and tables and chairs for undergraduates to relax. There are also two Study Areas and disabled access.

Level 1 gives access to Lecture Theatres 2 & 3, which each hold about 120 people, has a few lockers, and another Study Area. 

Level 0 houses several Laboratories belonging to Research Groups, but is chiefly of interest to undergraduates for the lockers [see Lockers for more details].

Levels 5 to 11

Levels 5 to 11 are largely given over to research and to postgraduate (MSc, PhD) teaching.  Your tutors’ offices will be on the level occupied by their research group.  During your first-year and second-year, Tutorial Classes will take place in various rooms in Blackett. There are also rooms in Huxley that are used for small group teaching.