2nd Year Article Prize Winners


Alex HODGES -- Venus Mission Brief: VAPOR (Venus Atmosphere Practical Outpost with Resource-Extraction)


Jiaqi BAO -- Many Curious Roads of Lambda: Patching 120 Zeroes with Modified Gravity
Lucia CUERVO VALOR -- From Manifolds to Margherita --- The Differential Geometry of Pizza
Shafiat DEWAN -- Biomimetic Engineering to Combat Climate Change
Harry FOX -- Money for Nothing (Can quantum effects overcome the limits imposed by the laws of thermodynamics?)
Bethany LAI -- The Unexpected Physics of Ketchup
Anishaa PATTANI -- Wave-Ice Interaction: A Warning Sign for Global Climate Change
Talia RAHALL -- Wind and the Skyscraper
Felix ROBERTS -- Quantum Pseudo-Telepathy
Hrishi SHAH -- The Physics of Crying
Vedant VARSHNEY -- Practice Makes Perfect...: Artificial Neural Networks and their Uses within Physics



Julia WISNIEWSKA - How to Excel at your Axel?

Harry CHITTENDEN - The Cold Dark Matter Spectrum
Julia CHMIELOWSKA - Hurricanes: Can they be Stopped?
Max HENDERSON - The Quantum Arrow of Time
Gerald LIM - Recipe for a Riff: The Physics behind the Electric Guitar
Avinash MOCHERLA - The Implications of AI on Physics
Gwyneth MATTHEWS - Could you Beat a Robot in a Dance Battle?
Paolo PELUCCHI - Using Computer to Overcome Language Barriers: an Overview of Machine Translation
Gwylim TAYLOR - In Space, No One Can Hear you Scream: Warfare Outside the Earth's Atmosphere
Zhaozhen TONG - ‌


2015-16 2nd year article Prize Winners 


Alexandre BONNET - The Physics of Flying Boats

Hannah BANKS - Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Flora BIGGINS - Free Will in an Age of Uncertainty
Jim BREMNER - Crowd Physics: Safety in Numbers
Luca COCCONI - Falsifiability and the role of hypothesis in modern physics
Laura HISCOTT - Biomimicry in Aeronautical Engineering: Does Nature Have All the Answers
Rahim Jun Yin LEUNG - The Physics of the Violin and the Wolf Tone
Alastair LUTTON - The Horizon-Flatness Problem
Amelia OWENS - MC. Escher: Illustrating the Impossible
James RICE - Dark Energy and Dark Matter – What’s the Matter
Stephen SAVAGE - Stopping Light In Its Tracks

The joint winners for 2014-15 were;


Michael DOHERTY - "The Casimir Effect getting something from nothing?"
Salih OSMAN - "Frozen"


Sara BARTOLUCCI - "The quantum measurement problem"
Stephanie FORD - "There's something about Polaris you didn't know"
Faye HAVELOCK - "Graphene The Wonder Material: Does it Live Up to the Hype?"

The joint winners for 2013-14 were;

Courtney WILLIAMS - How To Make Mistakes Like A Physicist
Ray OTSUKI - The Range and Mechanics of the Clarinet

Runners Up

Danyal CHOUDHURY -Superconductors – the Next Industrial Revolution?
Georgia BATEMAN - The Coronal Heating Problem
James LEE - Spinning in Control
Nikita KAMRAJ - Mapping the Universe: the Cosmic Microwave Background
Emanuele GALIFFI - Randomness in Nature
Jian SOH - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging — Is it functioning correctly?

The joint winners for 2012-13 were;

Arianna SORBA - The Long Road To Mars
Dara CANAVAN - ‌

Runners up:

Leon VAN RIESEN-HAUPT - The Physics of Time Keeping
William CARR - Bose-Einstein Condensates
Qifei GU - Shaping Invisibility
Charlotte LOH - Millisecond Pulsars

The winner for 2011/12 is;

Dominic Reiss with his essay, Explaining Phenomena: A Journey From The Abstract To The Experiment And Back Aga‌in.

The three runners up, and their essays, are:

Stephen Lennon - Baryogenesis
Stephan Strain - Exoplanets: A Tale of Two Worlds
Alexander van Russelt - Will Graphene Ever Replace Silicon Semiconductors?

The joint winners for the Second Year Essay Prize, 2010/11 academic year, were:

Adam Elwood
Alice Jacques
Alina Solovjova
Cheng Yong Timothy Thio
Jack Jelfs