2nd Year Article Prize Winners




Joint winners:

Arianna SORBA - The Long Road To Mars
Dara CANAVAN - Black Holes: A Journey of Discovery

Runners up:

Leon VAN RIESEN-HAUPT - The Physics of Time Keeping
William CARR - Bose-Einstein Condensates
Qifei GU - Shaping Invisibility
Charlotte LOH - Millisecond Pulsars


The winner for 2011/12 is;

Dominic Reiss with his essay, Explaining Phenomena: A Journey From The Abstract To The Experiment And Back Aga‌in.

The three runners up, and their essays, are:

Stephen Lennon - Baryogenesis
Stephan Strain - Exoplanets: A Tale of Two Worlds
Alexander van Russelt - Will Graphene Ever Replace Silicon Semiconductors?

The joint winners for the Second Year Essay Prize, 2010/11 academic year, were:

Adam Elwood
Alice Jacques
Alina Solovjova
Cheng Yong Timothy Thio
Jack Jelfs