UROP is a university research opportunities programme available to students at Imperial College London. It provides students with the chance to participate in physics research within the Department.

UROP can enhance students' appreciation of research environments and can be valuable for those contemplating postgraduate study. Equally, summer research projects enhance employability by developing existing skills, introducing new ones and allowing students to make the most of their enthusiasm for physics.

UROP projects occur mainly as a result of individual student and staff interaction (i.e. they are not usually advertised), so planning to approach an academic who's research area you are interested in is crucial. You can find general guidance on what UROPs are and how to manage your project, by clicking on the link: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/urop

Undergraduate students who wish to find out more about how research in Physics actually works may wish to apply for a summer placement with one of the research groups within the department. The College participates in a scheme that co-ordinates and promotes such placements - the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP). Such placements typically might last 6-10 weeks. Some funding may be available via external funding bodies.

More information about how UROP operates and about potential sources of funding can be found on the college UROP webpages.

Students on a Tier 4 visa should consider a UROP placement like other types of 'work' and can, therefore, work full-time during College vacations, during term-time this is capped at 20 hours per week. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they do not exceed the term-time limit. For formal advice, students can contact the International Student Support team.

An official listing of UROP opportunities within the department can be found on the central College UG Research Opportunites webpage.

In fact the number of UROP placements in the department goes far beyond those that occur in the groups represented in these official listings. This is because the most likely route to organising a placement is through an enthusiastic student pro-actively contacting a member of staff informally. Note that actual placements should still be set up through the official UROP channel even if the first contact is through a more informal route.

Members of staff would clearly like to be able to fund UROP placements directly and in some instances this is indeed possible, but this is not always the case. It has been made clear to the department through the Staff Student Committee that students would prefer there to be a larger number of UROP placements on offer, even if they are unfunded. In response to student demand some members of staff may be willing to take people on without funding.

To complement the official listing (see the link above), below you will find a list of members of staff who have expressed a willingness to take students on for UROP placements. Some may be in a position to offer funding, others may not. Furthermore, the situation for an individual member of staff differs from year to year. The list below is just a starting point – other members of staff who do not appear on the list may still be interested in offering a placement.

For a full list of UROP projects that took place in Summer 2018, please, click here.

If you are interested in a UROP placement you are recommended to contact the relevant member of staff to express your interest.


 Condensed Matter Theory

 Experimental Solid State

  • tbc.

 High Energy Physics


 Plasma Physics

 Quantum Optics and Laser Physics

 Space and Atmospheric Physics

 Theoretical Physics

*Note: There are 10 funded UROP placements provided by the Centre for Doctoral Training in Theory and Simulation of Materials.  Contact Peter Haynes

** Funding is available for students to do paid work (non-UROP) in support for the MSc course in Optics and Photonics. Contact Mark Neil.

Form B [docx] Application for the allocation of additional ECTS credits to an extracurricular UROP project