Erasmus March 2017

"We have these Year in Europe parties on the 8th floor of Blackett. They're nice events where you can talk to your coordinators, language teachers and Erasmus students over food and drinks. The Erasmus students told me that when you speak a foreign language in another country every day your sense of humour simplifies and your personality changes. I can't wait to see this firsthand."

4 year diary

Year 1

To register online with the Humanities Programme for your language course, go to the course pages

Language courses take place at lunchtimes during Terms 1&2.

Events During Year 1

  • October Erasmus Club Event
  • November Talk by Erasmus Academic Coordinator
  • November Year in Europe Party
  • March Summer Party


Term 1 presentation to Year 1 students 2016 [uploaded 13.10.16]


Erasmus Club Website 

Year 2

Events during year 2

  • Imperial College Erasmus Club event

  • Year in Europe first briefing by Exchange Academic Coordinator
  • Year in Europe Party
  • Year in Europe second briefing by Exchange Academic Coordinator to prepare students for selection of host institution abroad
  • Meeting to prepare students for the Year 2 Preference Form [uploaded 25.08.2015]
    Students are encouraged to
    • explore Host University Websites
    • discuss with YiE Returners, YiE Students currently abroad, Occasional Students from the Host Universities, and the Academic Visitors
    • read Year 4 Debriefing Forms and lists of past projects
    before completing their forms.
  • Students are allocated their host institution
  • Year in Europe Party
March to May
  • Application forms for host institutions completed and submitted
  • Final workshop: key information on host institutions and year abroad
  • Imperial College 1 Week Intensive Language Courses
  • Exam results out. Students are notified whether they are qualified to go abroad
  • Starter Pack sent to home addresses
  • Students go out to Host Universities


Term 1 presentation to Year 2 students 2016 - [uploaded 13.10.16]

Term 2 Presentation to Year Two Students 09.05.16- [09.05.16]

Year 2 May Workshop: Introductory Presentation (Term 3) 09.05.16


Erasmus Club Website


Year 3

Whilst you are abroad, keep in regular e-mail contact with your Physics Co-ordinator,  Laura Kington and where appropriate with the Academic Co-ordinator or Academic Visitor.

Events and Key Dates in Year 3

Before departure, contact the local co-ordinator with your arrival details and arrange to meet

  • Students move abroad to host institution
  • students email Laura Kington immediately on arrival
  • Local intensive language course
  • Arrange and agree lecture courses and project
  • First visit by Academic Visitor
    • meets local co-ordinator, project supervisors etc
    • advises students on courses, projects, welfare issues etc
    • report submitted to Physics Department on each visit
    • return preliminary lecture courses form and project plan
  • Deadline for sending in final lecture course form
  • Deadline for sending in initial project plan form
  • Deadline for return of project progress form
  • Deadline for submission of two-page project synopsis.
  • Feedback on synopsis to students
Late April/May
  • Second visit by Academic Visitor
  • May Pack of documents sent out to students, requesting information and preparing you for
    • Project Report (in English) and Oral Presentation (in host language)
    • Confirmation of lecture courses taken, exam results
    • Optional Courses in Year 4 (including Humanities & Business School)
  • Students give oral presentation on project
    • in host language
    • assessed by project supervisor
    • June 24th: project report submission date
  • Project report submission deadline
  • Student leaves host institution


Year Abroad Handout 2015-16 [uploaded 25.08.15]

Year in Europe Course Choice Guidelines [09.05.16]- [09.05.16]
Record of Lecture Courses Form
Starter Information Pack Sheet - [uploaded 25.08.15]
Project Plan Form - updated 08.10.12
Synopsis Notes- updated 06.05.11
Project Oral Assessment Form [updated 25.08.2015]
Project General Assessment Form - [uploaded 25.08.15]
Visit Report Form - [10.05.16]‌ (Staff Use Only)


Erasmus Club Website

Year 4

Year 4 Returners are vital to the success of our Exchanges Programme! Many of you help to run the Erasmus Club. Your contacts at departmental parties and elsewhere with less senior YiE students and with Visiting Students are invaluable for passing on information and helping them gain confidence. Moreover, one of you is elected as the YiE rep, to speak for all YiE students and Visiting/Erasmus students.

Events in Year 4

  • Debriefing Form sent out (students record their experiences abroad)
  • Election of Year in Europe Representative
  • Imperial Erasmus Club event
  • Year 3 results become available
  • Year in Europe Party
  • Year in Europe Party
  • Workshop for year 2 students: share your experiences abroad with those about to leave


Debriefing Form 15-16


Erasmus Club Website