Staff and students at graduation party, diverse mix of gender and ethnicityWe really value the fantastic diversity of our students and staff! We are very keen to ensure that all students (and staff) are treated equally, with respect and appropriate support at all times. We are inclusive - whatever your background, ethnicity, beliefs, gender, disability, or sexuality, you will be welcomed into the PE-CDT and CPE family. 

We have drafted a new Equality and Diversity Strategy for the PE-CDT. If you have any comments or suggestions about this, we'd love to hear them!  Contact the PE-CDT/CPE Programme Manager, Dr Steph Pendlebury.

Students in Cohort 7 have recently initiated Gender, Diversity and Equality Meetings (GEMs). Held monthly during term time, these infomal get-togethers aim to provide a platform for CPE students and staff to hear about one another's careers and challenges that have been overcome, and an opportunity to discuss how we can improve equality and increase diversity.

We also have a Buddy Scheme for PE-CDT students to meet with students in other years of the CDT programme, to offer peer support.

Imperial College Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre

Imperial Physics Department Juno Committee

Imperial College Disability Advisory Service

QMUL Equality & Diversity Strategy

Oxford University Equality Policy