2017 Poster SessionEvery September, PE-CDT students gather at Imperial College to present their research to staff, students, external academics and PE-CDT alumni.

2018 Symposium

This year, Prof Alison Walker of the University of Bath is a member of the CPE/PE-CDT External Advisory Board and presented an engaging talk on multiscale simulations of organic devices and perovskite solar cells.

Students who presented at the 2018 Symposium include:

  • Thomas Hodsden "Towards New Electron-deficient Units for N-type Applications"
  • Ryley Ratnasingham "AACVD for Methylammonium Lead Triiodide for Photovoltaic Applications"
  • Jaspreet Kainth "Hybrid Thin Films Prepared by Solution Processing and ALD for Ambipolar Thin Film Transistor Devices"
  • Saurav Limbu "Mechanism of Chemical Compounds Detection in Organic Sensors using Electrochemically Doped Semiconducting Polymers"
  • Ross Warren "Tuning the Ambipolar Behaviour of OFETs via Band Engineering"
  • Shenyang Chen "Programming and Ordering Nanospheres into Hierarchical Structures via Geometric Control"
  • Julianna Panidi "N-type Organic Semiconductor Doping for Thin Film Transistors"
  • Luis Lanzetta Lopez "Layered Hybrid Tin Halide Perovskites: Charge Recombination Dynamics, Stability Considerations and Novel Processing Methods"

We were also delighted to hear from two PE-CDT alumni: Dr George Richardson, who gave a talk entitled "Cheap, Flexible and Lightweight: Life after Plastic Electronics" and Dr Luca Occhi who gave a fascinating talk on life outside academia, sharing his experience and insights on starting a career in industry.

2018 PE-CDT Symposium Prize Winners

2018 PE-CDT Symposium Prize Winners

2017 Symposium

Two PE-CDT Alumni from Cohort 3 gave talks about their CDT experience and careers since graduating. Dr Abby Casey (Technologist at Infinium) talked about "My experience transitioning from academia to industry", while Dr Jorge Costa (Postdoc at CNRS) talked about "Getting away from Plastic Electronics (but never very far)".

Guest talks were presented by two external academics who have connections to the PE-CDT.  Professor David Lidzey (University of Sheffield, and member of the PE-CDT/CPE Advisory Board) talked about his experience of setting up a spin-out company.  Professor Henning Sirringhaus (University of Cambridge) discussed his research on charge transport physics of high mobility organic semiconductors.

  • Best talk prize: Stefan Bachevillier (Materials Department, Imperial College)
  • Runner-up talk prize: Adam Wright (Physics Department, Oxford University)
  • Alumni Choice talk prize: Becky Kilmurray (Materials Department, Imperial College)
  • Best poster prize: Madeleine Morris (Cohort 5; Chemistry Department, Imperial College)
  • Runner-up poster prize: Nathan Cheetham (Cohort 5; Physics Department, Imperial College)

2017 PE-CDT Symposium Prize Winners