Dr Matthew Hennessy

Research Associate

m.hennessy (AT) imperial.ac.uk


2014 - present: Research Associate, Imperial College London, UK

2010 - 2014: DPhil Mathematics, University of Oxford, UK

2009 - 2010: MSc with Distinction, Mathematical Modelling & Scientific Computing, University of Oxford, UK

2004 - 2009: BSc (Hons) with Highest Distinction, Physics & Applied Mathematics (double major), University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada


Broadly speaking, my research focuses on the mathematical modelling of problems that arise in the physical sciences and industry.  Once a suitable model has been formulated, it is then analysed using a combination of asymptotic and numerical methods.  The results are interpreted in the context of the original problem.

I am currently working with Joao Cabral and Omar Matar to understand how frontal photopolymerisation can be coupled with interfacial wrinkling to rapidly manufacture complex three-dimensional structures.  My aspect of the project involves developing and simulating a mathematical model that captures the polymerisation and wrinkling processes.

Here is a Dropbox with files (presentation and Matlab) for the photopolymerisation course in Torino.

Here is a Dropbox with solutions to Maths I problem sheets.


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