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AB - The crystallization kinetics of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-water micellar solutions, under linear cooling conditions, were experimentally investigated using optical microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, and infrared spectroscopy. Cooling rates were systematically varied, from 0.1 to 50 °C min–1, encompassing environmental to near-“isothermal” temperature changes, between 22 and −5 °C, for a reference concentration of 20% SDS-H2O. The cooling rate was shown to determine the dominant crystal morphologies, with platelets and needles predominating at the lowest and highest rates, respectively. The results were rationalized in terms of isothermal crystallization data and the time–temperature cooling profile. Rates 0.1, 5.0, and 10 °C min–1 yield morphologies and kinetics analogous to those of isothermal quenches at the corresponding crystallization temperature window. Nontrivial deviations were observed for intermediate rates (0.5, 1.0 °C min–1), due to commensurate changes in temperature and crystallization mechanism, accompanied by solute depletion. The polythermal metastable zone width was estimated, and the non-isothermal nucleation described by the Nývlt equation, while the Avrami and Kissinger models described overall crystallization kinetics. Our measurements quantify the impact of temperature gradients in the crystallization of ubiquitous SDS micellar solutions, for a range of practically relevant profiles incurred during manufacturing and storage.
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