Our research interests are centred on experimental soft condensed matter. We study complex fluids, often multicomponent systems, containing polymers, copolymers, (nano)-particles and surfactants.  Microfluidics provides unique opportunities to synthesise, formulate, process and analyse fluids and is therefore explored in our work.  Additionally, we employ extensively scattering (light, X-rays and neutrons), microscopy, calorimetry and spectroscopy - but we also develop our own measurement tools. Particularly, we resort to novel combinatorial and high-throughput techniques to address problems with large parameter space where conventional experimentation becomes unfeasible.

Recent highlights

Phase behaviour polymers

Phase behaviour

Combinatorial polymer mixture (PS/PB) library and sequential 2D scattering pattern during spinodal decomposition.

Fluid thread breakup microfluidics


Fluid thread breakup under microfluidic confinement with applications in oil recovery and biology.

Polymer dynamics

Polymer dynamics

Rotational relaxation of a polymeric methyl group monitored at low temperature (4K) by incoherent neutron scattering.