pdc team

The PFDC team. From left to right: Bernie Babel, Jenna Collinson, Lenne Lillepuu, Liz Elvidge, Rachel Herries, Victoria Ireton.

Concordat to Support the Career Development

of Research Staff

This document (Download button below) demonstrates that the College provides a very comprehensive and inclusive programme of support for postdocs, all policies and procedures are relevant for postdocs as well as all other staff groups and the postdoc reps network guarantees that any new initiatives are widely consulted with the postdocs at the College.
We have identified a number of actions and reviews to ensure that the provision remains excellent and in particular will aim to incorporate the Researcher Development Framework within the work of the PFDC.

Download the Concordat Action Plan

hr excellence

The PFDC offers bespoke development opportunities to maximise the potential of Imperial postdocs and fellows. We aim to launch you successfully into the next stage of your career.

Being a postdoc is not a career

Postdoc positions are temporary by nature and whether you are a postdoc or a fellow, you need to make concrete plans to advance your career. The reality is that not all postdocs and fellows will stay in academia. Many move onto highly successful careers in other industries, building on the knowledge and skills they obtained at Imperial. The PFDC provides resources to help with whichever path you choose.   

Our programme is bespoke and tailored to postdocs and fellows

The PFDC offers bespoke development opportunities that focus on multiple pathways for success. We encourage you to take an honest appraisal of your skills, abilities and aptitudes, and help you identify how your skills can be translated into the skills required for a multitalented workforce.

The PFDC provides support to postdocs and fellows through:

  • Courses, workshops and events
  • Individual support
  • Working with departments
  • Online resources
  • Support and development for fellowship applicants
  • Resources specifically for fellows

Key areas of focus include:

  • CVs, applications and interviews
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Influence and impact
  • Professional development
  • Personal development and wellbeing
  • Writing for publication