This is a participatory course developed from vocal techniques practised by actors. It will enable you to discover your true voice, work on exercises to enhance its range, clarity, power, tone and colour, allowing you to lecture or deliver an engaging presentation with ease. The aim of this course is to introduce postdocs and fellows to the opportunities of improved vocal projection and the benefits that this brings. We will work as a group on various physical and vocal exercises in a relaxed atmosphere. So be prepared to relax, kick off your shoes and maybe even lie on the floor.

Key areas

  • Discover how and why we sound the way we do
  • Understand the causes of difficulty and implications of unhealthy voice production
  • Discover how relaxation, breathing and vocal exercises can improve projection, clarity and reduce vocal strain
  • Practice techniques to prevent and cure any vocal strain or lack of projection and clarity
  • Look at the effects of posture and tension on vocal projection
  • Take part in voice and articulation exercises
  • Understand resonance placement and the effects this has on projection, clarity and range