This course will improve your chances of being published in top quality refereed journals. The course will deal with each subsection of a research article: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion/Conclusion, Title and Abstract. You will be given the tools to analyse research articles in your own specialised discipline to then be able to create conventional, effective texts. Through detailed, guided text analysis and exercises, you will be shown how to develop a model for research writing in your field and will also gain knowledge of the language features specific to each section of a research article. 

Key areas

  • Using your chosen 'target' articles to help you develop a conventional and reliable model of a research article in your field
  • Providing the grammar tools needed to operate that model effectively and write accurately (e.g. choice of tense, use of modal verbs, whether to use active or passive forms)
  • Providing the vocabulary tools needed to operate the model effectively (e.g. vocabulary for justifying your method, commenting on your results, or highlighting your achievement)
  • Ordering and connecting information appropriately and conventionally in each section of an article
  • Practising the use of the model to generate conventional, clear writing

Further information

For this course, there is a fee of £50 for cancellations made 15 days prior to the course, and a £100 charge will be levied from the delegate’s department if a cancellation is made less than 10 working days before the course start date.
Please note that further support in writing skills is available through the Centre for Academic English. For writing skills training, see the professional development section.