The PFDC works closely with departments to ensure that the voices of postdocs and fellows are well-represented at the departmental level. Postdoc champions are integral to this effort, as they:

  • Receive feedback from postdocs and present postdoc views at department and faculty level to help ensure postdocs’ needs are appropriately met
  • Keep in regular contact with the postdoc reps within their department, with meetings taking place at least once per term 
  • Organise and attend meetings between postdocs and Heads of Departments
  • Take an active role, together with postdoc reps and department staff, in organising events relevant to postdocs
  • Provide advice to postdocs on available development training and support
  • Encourage and facilitate networking between postdocs from different research groups and other staff within the department
  • Ensure a department distribution list for postdocs is maintained  
  • Regularly attend the Postdocs Champions lunch hosted by the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre every term

Postdoc Champions (2016/2017)

Faculty of Engineering

  • Ainara Aguadero, Lecturer in Materials, Department of Materials
  • Ben Almquist, Lecturer, Department of Bioengineering
  • Catrin Davies, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Mazdak Ghajari, Lecturer, Dyson School of Design Engineering 
  • Cedric John, Senior Lecturer, Department of Earth Science & Engineering
  • George Jackson, Professor of Chemical Physics, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Hong Wong, Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Michael R A Huth, Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computing
  • Yiannis Demiris, Reader in Human-Centred Robotics, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Zahra Sharif  Khodaei, Lecturer in Aerostructures, Department of Aeronautics

Faculty of Medicine

  • Clare Lloyd, Vice Dean for Institutional Affairs, National Heart & Lung Institute
  • John Gulliver, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science, School of Public Health
  • Miriam Moffatt, Professor of Respiratory Genetics, National Heart and Lung Institute
  • Beata Wojciak Stothard, Senior Lecturer in Vascular Biology and Group Leader, Department of Experimental Medicine & Toxicology
  • Enrique Martinez-Perez, Programme Leader, Institute of Clinical Science
  • Helena Cocheme, Honorary Lecturer, Institute of Clinical Science
  • Catherine Van Der Straeten, Senior Clinical Scientist, Musculoskeletal Surgery, Department of Surgery and Cancer
  • Fernando Bello, Reader in Surgical Graphics and Computing, Department of Surgery and Cancer
  • Julian Marchesi, Professor of Digestive Health, Department of Surgery and Cancer
  • Nick Dibb, Reader in Cell Signalling, Department of Surgery and Cancer
  • Simak Ali, Professor of Molecular Endocrine Oncology, Department of Surgery and Cancer

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Lesley Cohen, Professor of Solid State Physics, Department of Physics
  • Patricia Hunt, Reader in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry
  • Robert Endres, Reader in Systems Biology, Department of Life Sciences