What is the interdisciplinary fund?

The interdisciplinary fund builds upon the department fund. The funds will be awarded for an innovative idea that will encourage cross disciplinary collaborations.

As more than one department will be involved, the fund will be increase to £500 per event. A report is expected to be completed within 2 weeks of the event. These reports will be published on the PFDC website.

As before, the amount of funding for each department will be assessed based on the number of postdocs involved in the event, and is at the discretion of the Head of the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre. 

What type of activity does the fund cover?

In the past this fund has enabled initiatives including sandpit events, departmental symposia and coffee mornings. The funding sought must be used to enhance the personal and professional development of postdocs in the department through enrichment of their transferable skills. Please note that the funding does not cover the purchase of alcohol.

How can I apply?

To apply, please complete the online application form at any time. We will assess the applications on a case by case basis. Successful applicants will be asked to write a report about the funded initiative.


To submit a proposal you must:

  • Hold a contract as a postdoctoral research associate or postdoctoral research fellow at Imperial College London at the time of the initiative for which funding is to be given
  • Have passed the probation period (usually 6 months)
  • Be able to manage your normal workload in addition to undertaking the proposed initiative.

Selection of applications for funding will be based on the following criteria

  • The application clearly demonstrates the transferable skills to be developed
  • Value for money is demonstrated
  • Priority for funding may be given to departments who have not previously received funding from the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre.

Information for successful applicants

A report about the event / activity must be provided. The report must be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words and include your name and department and details such as attendance and outcomes/achievements of the funded initiative.

Reports need to be submitted within 2 weeks of the event taking place.
Successful applicants will then be reimbursed up to a maximum of £500 upon receipt of a valid invoice/receipt, using the standard Imperial College expenses claim form. Invoices/receipts must be submitted within three months of the end date of the funded activity or event.