The Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre (PFDC) provides a programme of development activities that supports the personal and professional development of the 2300 postdocs and fellows at Imperial. One key way we stay abreast of the needs and issues facing postdocs at Imperial is through our postdoc representatives (PostDocs Reps). The reps are a bridge between the PFDC and postdocs.  They act as a conduit for information from and to the PFDC. The reps can influence the nature of what the PFDC offers by being involved in planning and decision-making processes via reps meetings and the Postdoc and Fellows Development Committee, which comprises three postdoc representatives from each faculty. Each department/division should have between two to three postdoc reps, one of whom should be available to attend relevant postdoc termly meetings.  Departments or divisions based over different campuses are encouraged to recruit two reps per campus. 

In addition, within the Faculty of Engineering, a Postdoc Champion has been appointed within each department.  These champions are academics who ensure that postdoc needs are being met by their department and faculty. 

If you would like any further information about the Reps Network or you would like to talk about becoming a rep, then please contact