PDC Reps Awards was introduced to thank and recognise all the PDC Reps for their significant contribution through their roles. Specifically, in fostering a sense of community amongst Imperial early career researchers, acting as a link between the PDC, early career researchers and their departments and helping the PDC keep abreast of the challenges facing early career researchers. Thus influencing the nature of what the PDC offers by being involved in planning and decision-making processes.


  • Individual Rep Award – winner: £500 towards a conference of their choice
  • Individual Rep Award – finalist: £50 gift voucher of their choice 
  • Team Award: £250 voucher /contribution towards a team celebration/event of their choice


To qualify for the Individual Rep Award of £500 you must normally achieve the following over the academic year: 

  • Attend all the termly PDC Reps Network meetings
  • Organise a departmental event that encourages skills development  
  • Organise an interdisciplinary event that encourages skills development/collaborations
  • Be a member of a departmental committee and/or have a yearly meeting with your Head of Department
  • Have your own personal webpage which is linked to the PDC Reps webpage.

To qualify for the PDC Team Award of £250 the team must normally achieve the following over the academic year:

  • Ensure member(s) represented at all termly PDC Reps Network meetings
  • Evidence that you have made an outstanding contribution to postdoc/fellows life as a result of team work
  • Evidence that you have established an engaged community within your departments as a result of team work

Nominations will normally open to the College during the summer term.  All members of staff are eligible to nominate a PDC Rep. To do this, they will have to complete a nomination form which includes an optional space for a short explanation as to why this Rep should win the award.  The winner will be decided by taking into account the number of nominations and the comments made on the form, the evidence that they have carried out the above five points and the votes received by the email ballot sent out to all current Reps. 

Teams are invited to submit self-nominations for the PDC Team Award.  In addition to addressing the criteria and including evidence of the impact of their activities, the nomination should also include a brief supporting  statement from their departmental Postdoc Champion, seconded by the Head of Department.

Details of 2017 Reps Awards Nomination dates:

Nominations open: Fri 25 Aug 2017
Nominations close: Mon 11 Sept
Reps Awards Ceremony & Dinner: Wed 27 September 2017

2015 PDC Reps Award Dinner

reps awards PDC Reps Award Finalists 2015: (From left to right) Dr Karen Hinxman (PDC Consultant) Dr Layal Hakim (Department of Computing), Dr Claire Morgan (Winner – Department of Medicine), Provost Prof James Sterling, Dr Harriet Mills (School of Public Health), Dr Liz Elvidge (Head of the PDC), Dr Emma Bailey (Department of Bioengineering)

At the end of July the PDC hosted the PDC Reps Award Dinner to celebrate the amazing achievements of the PDC Reps Network this academic year.  This was a lovely occasion to award the first PDC Reps Award, which was presented by the Provost, Prof James Stirling.

There was a huge interest across the College in the PDC Reps Award, with 49 individuals nominating their departmental Reps due to the significant contributions they have made to their department.  In total this resulted in 15 Reps being put forward for consideration for the award.

All of the nominations were of a very high quality.  Taking into account the number of nominations and the comments made on the form, 5 Reps were taken forward as finalists.  Each of these individuals has excelled in their role as departmental Reps and there is evidence that there is a real cultural change within their department as a result of their work.

In recognition of the extraordinary work that the finalists have done they each received a £50 John Lewis Voucher with the winner receiving £500 toward a conference or workshop of their choice. 

The winner was:

 Claire Morgan – Department of Medicine (Hammersmith)

Claire has shown a unique drive and determination in transforming the PDC reps at Hammersmith into a single unit across the different departments on campus. She has put a huge amount of time and effort into organising meetings, writing funding applications and in seeking other funding sources for postdoc networking events and workshops at Hammersmith. She had always been enthusiastic and is never discouraged.
She is the driving force behind maintaining the Hammersmith reps network.’

The finalists were:

Harriet Mills – School of Public Health (St Mary’s)

Harriet works very hard to help provide opportunities and support to postdocs. As well as being good opportunities in themselves, it makes a big difference to my working environment to feel that postdocs are a community that are valued, with a structure for their support and development.’

Maria Parkes – Department of Mechanical Engineering

We didn't have any postdoc events or interactions until the current postdoc reps took their positions.  They've done an extraordinary amount to bring postdocs in our department together’. Maria has ‘dramatically raised the profile and increased the sense of fraternity of the postdocs in the department’.

Layal Hakim – Department of Computing

Layal has ‘great inter personal and communication skills; is truly concerned with the welfare of the postdocs, understands the isolation that some postdocs in the department can suffer from and has made measureable steps to solve this issue

Emma Bailey – Department of Bioengineering

Emma has been a very active postdoc rep…., is friendly, gets people engaged and gets things done. This is the first time this has happened in our department since I started’.


The full list of nominees in alphabetical order is: reps awards

  • Emma Bailey – Bioengineering
  • Kirsty Flower – Surgery & Cancer (Hammersmith)
  • Becky Ghosh – Public Health (St Mary’s)
  • Layal Hakim – Computing
  • Carl Jacquemyn – Earth Science & Engineering
  • Maria Jimenez Solomon – Chemical Engineering
  • Janice Kenney - Earth Science & Engineering
  • Emiljana Krali – EEE (Past Rep)
  • Harriet Mills - Public Health (St Mary’s)
  • Claire Morgan – Medicine (Hammersmith)
  • Lindsey Morse – Civil & Environmental
  • Maria Parkes – Mechanical Engineering 
  • Yolanda Sanchez-Vicente – Chemical Engineering
  • Dylan Williams - Public Health (St Mary’s)
  • Petr Yatsyshin – Chemical Engineering