PFDC Reps Awards was introduced to thank and recognise all the PFDC Reps for their significant contribution through their roles.


  • fostering a sense of community amongst Imperial early career researchers,
  • acting as a link between the PFDC, early career researchers and their departments
  • helping the PFDC keep abreast of the challenges facing early career researchers.

Thus influencing the nature of what the PFDC offers by being involved in planning and decision-making processes.

The PFDC Reps Awards has been running since 2015.

PFDC Reps Awards Dinner 2017
PFDC Reps Awards Dinner 2016
PFDC Reps Awards Dinner 2015

Winner 2015: Claire Morgan – Department of Medicine (Hammersmith)

Winner 2016: Janice Kenney – Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering

Winner 2017: Delphine Rolando, Department of Medicine