Central to our project is that we collect ideas and feedback from the potential user community. We aim to design a high pressure cell which meets the needs and ideas of as many people as possible.

This page shows the ideas that we have received as well as comments that have been made about these ideas. We hope that this page will grow as the project progresses into a forum for discussion that will allow ideas to develop and us to collect and accommodate these experimental and technical suggestions.

To submit a suggestion for the project or a comment on a previous suggestion please email Nick Brooks (nicholas.brooks@imperial.ac.uk) - if you would not like your comments and/or name posted on this page then please indicate this in your email but we would still be very pleased to hear your ideas.

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High Pressure X-ray Cell for Soft Matter
Current discussions

23 Oct 2007 - Requirements for sample containment

23 Oct 2007 - Potential experimental conditions

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