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High Pressure X-ray Cell for Soft Matter

23 March 2010

Nick Brooks presented a poster about the pressure cell at the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) for Britain 2010 exhibition at the House of Commons.


29 January 2010

We have just completed a very successfull series of pressure jump experiments at I22 looking at diffraction from model membrane systems. We have been able to aquire diffraction patterns in as little as 10 ms.


11 November 2009

The pressure system is now stationed at Diamond and has been successfully integrated with the beamline control and data logging system. If you would like any advice or information about the system, please don't hesitate to contact us.


27 August 2009

We will have a poster at this September's International Conference on Small-angle Scattering (SAS 2009) in Oxford, UK. If you are going to be there too and would like to discuss potential experiments or any aspect of the project, please find Nick Brooks.


11 July 2009

We will be presenting a poster at the EBSA 2009 conference in Genoa. If you would like any information on the high pressure system or would like to discuss future experiments please come and find Nick Brooks. (The poster is in the Wednesday session).


17 March 2009

We have just very successfully finished the first set of trial experiments at Diamond in colaboration with Rob Richardson and Simon Hanna from the University of Bristol. The system worked well and continuously for the full 3 days of beam time.


15 February 2009

The pressure generating and jumping hardware is now fully tested and installed on a trolley ready for the first experiments at Diamond. We have tested the pressure system control and data monitoring hardware at Diamond which worked exactly as expected.

We are now in the advanced stages of testing the pressure cell at Imperial and finalising the pressure system control software. We're hoping to perform the first test experiments during March.

There have been a lot of new system drawings and information added to our webpages, to have a look please follow this link.


2 February 2009

We will have a poster at the Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Initiative for Europe (Saxier) workshop being held at the University of Liverpool on 16 February 2009. If you would like to talk about the pressure cell project, particularly about potential experiments, please find Nick Brooks during the day.


1 December 2008

From 10 - 12 August we will have a poster at the International Conference on High-Pressure Molecular Bioscience (HPMB 2008) at Soleil Synchrotrol, Saclay, France. If you would like to talk about our project, please find Nick Brooks, either by our poster or any other time during the meeting.


14 August 2008

From 21 - 30 August we will have a poster at the International Union of Crystalogrphy conference (IUCr 2008) in Osaka, Japan. If you are going to be there and would like to discuss potential experiments or any aspect of our project, please find either Nick Brooks or Oscar Ces.


9 August 2008

The pressure system has now been built in our labs at Imperial and we have begun testing its performance. During the first tests, the control and monitoring electronics have been working well as has the high pressure equipment.


9 January 2008

Phase 1 design production

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions during our design consultation.

We are in the process of drawing up the first high pressure cell and network designs and will make them available together with updated specifications for the system as they are available.


23 October 2007

Phase 1 design consultation.

Please look through the project overview section of our website which contains general information about the structure of the project as well as our current preliminary specifications and designs.

We are currently looking for feedback on sample containment and experimental parameters, further details and comments can be found on the discussion pages.

Towards the end of December we will be compiling the feedback received so please send any ideas by 20 December. At the start of January 2008, we will begin drawing up phase 1 designs incorporating proposed ideas and specifications which we think will maximise the number of people who will find the cell suitable for their work.

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