Hey! Thanks for showing some interest in a humble PhD student like me. Here is a small excerpt of my deeds through the Academia:

I will start from the beginning! In 2016, I graduated in Biotechnology at the University de Zaragoza after finishing my Erasmus stay at the University of Leuven. The resultant Erasmus dissertation ("Genetic dissection of a QTL involved in diauxic lag phase in yeast") certainly improved my wet-lab and DNA designing abilities, as well as others equally important like Belgian beer tasting.

I also keep fond memories from my time with the "Structural mechanics and materials modelling" group, under the supervision of Dr. Ignacio Ochoa at the Institute of Engineering Research of Aragón. My job there revolved around eukaryotic cell culture, viability assays and cell migration analysis.

After some hard work, in July 2017 I earned the M.Sc. in Biophysics by the "Universidad Autónoma de Madrid" with my Master Thesis ("Characterization and optimization of functionalized surfaces for combined magnetic tweezers and fluoresce microscopy"). This research was done under the supervision of Fernando Moreno at the National Biotechnology Center (CNB).

Finally, in October of 2017 I had the privilege to enrol in the Bioengineering department of the Imperial College. Here I am pursuing my PhD in Bioengineering under the excel supervision of Dr Thomas Ouldridge. My aim here is to design and build DNA-based devices. Wish me luck!