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NameThesis TitleSupervisorsEmployer
Dr Ozlem Akgul Optimisation of Bioenergy Supply Chains Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou and Professor Nilay Shah Baringa
Dr Aiman Alam Nazki Elucidating the Spatial Organization and Control of Information Processing in Cell Signalling Networks: From Network and Enzymatic Building Blocks to Concrete Systems Dr Jawahar Krishnan AwardedEPSRC Prize Fellowship,Imperial College London
Dr Saif Al Ghafri  Phase Behaviour and Physical Properties of Reservoir Fluids Under Addition of Carbon Dioxide Professor Martin Trusler and Professor Geoffrey Maitland Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
Dr Ahmed Alhajaj Multiscale Design and Analysis of CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage Networks Professor Nilay Shah, Professor Nigel Brandon and Professor Velisa Vesovic Masdar Institute
Dr Christos Argyropoulos  A Combined Immersed Boundary/Phase-Field Method for Simulating Two-phase Pipe flows Dr Edo Boek Postdoctoral Research Associate at Texas A&M University and Mary Kay O’ Connor Process Safety Center at Qatar
Dr Joakim Beck Efficient Targeted Optimisation for the Design of Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems for CO2 Capture in Power Plants Professor Eric Fraga Department of Statistical Science, UCL
Dr Alireza Behjousiar In Situ FRET Biosensors for the In Vivo Measurement of Important Metabolites during Cell Culture Dr Cleo Kontoravdi and Dr Karen Polizzi Gap year
Dr Shane Cadogan  Diffusion of CO2 in Fluids Relevant to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Professor Geoffrey Maitland and Professor Martin Trusler Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT) Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany
Dr Inês Da Mata Cecilio Study of Simulated Moving Bed Reactor (SMBR) for Para-Xylene Production Professor Nina Thornhill Research Scientist at Schlumberger
Dr Emily Chapman Micro-Model Pore-Scale Flow Studies of Fluid Displacement in Carbonate Rock with Application to CO2 Storage Dr Edo Boek Associate at Expand Research - A Company of the Boston Consulting Group
Dr Donald O’Donoghue Mathematical Modelling of Ion Transport in Healthy and Cystic Fibrosis Human Airway Epithelia Dr Vivek Dua Quantitative Analyst at Irish Life Investment Managers
Dr Pongsathorn Dechatiwongse A Study of the Growth and Hydrogen Production of Cyanothece sp. ATCC 51142 Professor Klaus Hellgardt and Professor Geoffrey Maitland Walailak University, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
Dr Nasim Elahi Multiscale Modelling of Carbon Capture and Storage Professor Nilay Shah Research Associate, Supply Chain Optimisation, Machine learning, Data Science, Imperial College
Dr Hendrik Frentrup Molecular Simulation of Diffusive Mass Transport in Porous Materials Professor Erich Müller R&D Engineer, Dyson
Dr Maria Fuentes Gari A Mathematical Model of Cell Cycle Heterogeneity for Personalizing Leukemia Chemotherapy Professor Athanasios Mantalaris Process System Enterprise Limited (PSE), London, United Kingdom
Dr Zara Ganase An Experimental Study on the Effects of Solvents on the Rate and Selectivity of Organic Reactions Professor Clare Adjiman, Professor Amparo Galindo and Professor Alan Armstrong (Imperial Chemistry) Intel, Ireland
Dr David Garcia Munzer Cell Cycle Heterogeneity Study by an Integrated Modelling and Experimental Approach Professor Athanasios Mantalaris and Professor Efstratios Pistikopoulos Postdoctoral Associate, Novartis, Switzerland
Dr Michael Hadjiyiannis Decision Under Uncertainty: Problems in Control Theory, Robust Optimization and Game Theory Dr Daniel Kuhn A company in Cyprus
Dr Grani Hanasusanto Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Robust and Data-Driven Approaches Dr Daniel Kuhn and Dr Wolfram Wieseman Faculty member at UT Austin
Dr Abdihakim Hassan Modelling Solvent Mixtures and their Effects on Reactions Professor Claire Adjiman and Professor Amparo Galindo Shell
Dr Philip Jedrzejewski A Platform for the Optimisation of Metabolic Pathways for Glycosylation to Achieve a Narrow and Targeted Glycoform Distribution Dr Cleo Kontoravdi Gap year
Dr Alexandra Krieger Modelling, Optimisation and Explicit Model Predictive Control of Anaesthesia Drug Delivery Systems Professor Efstratios Pistikopoulos Research Assistant, RWTH Aachen, Germany
Dr Sarantos Kyriakopoulos Amino Acid Metabolism in Chinese Hamster Ovary CellCulture Dr Cleo Kontoravdi BioMarin, Ireland
Dr Romain Lambert Approximation Methodologies for Explicit Model Predictive Control of Complex Systems Professor Efstratios Pistikopoulos Research Associate, Imperial College London
Dr Olga Lobanova Development of Coarse-grained Force Fields from a Molecular Based Equation of State for Thermodynamic and Structural Properties of Complex Fluids Professor George Jackson and Professor Erich Müller Syngenta
Dr Duy Luong Optimisation for Image Processing Professor Berc Rustem, Dr Panos Parpas and Professor Daniel Rueckert Imperial College London
Dr Mithila Manage An Investigation into the Feasibility of Integrating Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Electrolysers with Power Plants Professor Eva Sørensen NNL
Dr Jan Marzinek Molecular Dynamics Modelling of Skin and Hair Proteins Professor Athanasios Mantalaris and Professor Efstratios Pistikopoulos Postdoctoral Research Fellow, A *STAR/National University of Singapore, Singapore
Dr Ali Mehdizadeh Food Industry Supply Chain Planning with Product Quality Indicators Professor Nilay Shah Strategy and Operation, Supply Chain (Consultancy), Birds Eye Iglo Limited
Dr Silvia Padula Capacity Planning for Water Supply Networks Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou University of Manchester
Dr Antonio Marco Pantaleo Perspectives on the Role of Bioenergy for Distributed Heat and Power Generation Professor Nilay Shah Imperial College London
Dr Nicole Papaioannou Environmental Impact Assessment and Optimization of Urban Energy Systems Professor Nilay Shah Principal Consultant - Gas & Power at Wood Mackenzie
Dr Olga Parkes Defining a Comprehensive Methodology for Sustainability Assessment of Mega-Event Projects Professor David Bogle and Professor Paola Lettieri UK Dept of Energy and Climate Change
Dr Eleni Pefani Modelling and Optimisation Based Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Professor Efstratios Pistikopoulos and Dr Nicki Panoskaltsis GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, United Kingdon
Dr Cheng Peng Chemical Interactions Between CO2Acidified Aqueous Fluids and Carbonate Minerals Professor Geoffrey Maitland, Professor Martin Trusler and Dr John Crawshaw Shell Global Solutions International B.V., Rijswijk, Netherlands
Dr Vladimir Roitch Optimisation Applied to Cloud Computing Dr Daniel Kuhn and Dr Wolfram Wiesemann Lecturer at City University
Dr Pedro Rivotti Multi-Parametric Programming and Explicit Model Predictive Control of Hybrid Systems Professor Efstratios Pistikopoulos Research Associate, Imperial College London
Dr Cyrus Siganporia Production Planning for Biopharmacicals Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou Research Associate, University College London
Dr Erini Siougkrou Systematic Methods for Solvent Design: Towards Better Reactive Processes Professor Claire Adjiman and Professor Amparo Galindo Marie Curie Research Fellow at National Technical University of Athens
Dr Saurabh Mahesh Kumar Shah Multi-Scale Pore Imaging of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media Dr Edo Boek QCCSRC Experimental Officer, Imperial College London
Dr Roochi Solanki Modelling of a Two-phase Thermofluidic Oscillator for Low-grade Heat Utilisation Dr Christos Markides and Professor Amparo Galindo Carbon Credentials
Dr Ioanna Stefani Unravelling the Progression of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Familial Alzheimer’s Disease Dr Cleo Kontoravdi and Dr Karen Polizzi ICON (Medical Consulting)
Dr Ailing Teo Exploring New Bioprocess Considerations for Cardiomyogenesis of Embryonic Stem Cells Professor Athanasios Mantalaris and Professor Lim Mayasari Associate Patent Examiner at Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
Dr Lingjian Yang Optimisation Approaches for Data Mining in Biological Systems Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou PDRA at University of Manchester
Dr Lara Yaroson Force Field Parameters from the SAFT Equation of State for the Molecular Simulation of Fused Molecules Professor George Jackson, Professor Erich Müller and Professor Amparo Galindo Syngenta
Dr Stamatina Zavitsanou Modeling and Multi Parametric Control Drug Delivery Systems for Diabetes Type 1 Professor Efstratios Pistikopoulos Postdoctoral Research Scholar at SEAS, Harvard University
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