Sargent Centre Imperial College PhD Students

Name                                                                                                                                                                                   Thesis TitleSupervisorsStart Date
Katie Addison  

Chemical Biology of histone methyltransferases


Dr Peter DiMaggio

 October 2014

Zainab Ahmed


Chemical Biology

 Dr Jawahar Krishnan  October 2017

Abdullah Al kindi


Hybrid Nuclear-Solar Power

Professor Christos Markides  October 2018

Ibrahim M. Algunaibet


Contribution to the Optimisation of Energy Systems Considering Life Cycle Sustainability Criteria

Dr Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez  March 2018
Amjad Saeed Al-Qahtani Development of a systematic framework for the life cycle sustainability assessment of carbon management technologies

Dr Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez

 November 2016

Juman Al-Saqlawi


Residential Roof-Top Solar PV Systems: Techno-Economic Feasibility and Enviro-Economic Impacts

Dr Niall Mac Dowell  October 2015
Hamza Alhamadah

****News Student***

Sakhr Alhuthali Understanding the Interplay Between Upstream and Downstream Bioprocessing through Mathemcatical Modelling

Dr Cleo Kontoravdi

 October 2015
Diego Alonso Martinez Profiling Substrate Specificity of Histone Lysine Methyltransferases

Dr Peter DiMaggio

 September 2013

Jae Sik An

Studies of Disturbance Waves and Droplet Formation and Deposition in Annular Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Vertical Pipe Flow

Professor Christos Markides  February 2014

Humera Ansari

CO2 Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery

Professor Geoffrey Maitland  November 2016
Athanasios Antonakoudis  

Model-Driven Optimisation of Bioprocess Design

Dr Cleo Kontoravdi  January 2018

Robert Arnold


Integrated Assessment of Alternative UK Energy Scenarios

Professor Nilay Shah  October 2018

Husain Baaqel

Modeling Alternative Fuels using the SAFT Approach Dr Niall Mac Dowell and Professor George Jackson  October 2018
Radu Baltean-Lugojan Structure Exploitation in Large Scale Non-Convex Optimization

Dr Ruth Misener

 April 2015

Rodrigo Barbosa

Developing a numerical platform for the prediction of anti cancer quality attributes in biotherapeutics Dr Cleo Kontoravdi  October 2016
Moiz Bohra Optimising Qatar's Transition to Renewable Energy Through Model-Based Analysis

Professor Nilay Shah

 April 2016
Francesco Borghesan Assessment and optimization of site utilities

Professor Nina Thornhill

 November 2016
David Herbert Bowskill

Improving Crystal Structure Prediction via Tailored Force Fields

Professor Claire Adjiman and Professor Constantinos Pantelides  October 2017
Patrick Brandl Techno-economic multi-scale screening of CO2 capture technologies

Dr Niall Mac Dowell

 November 2017
Pantelis Broukos
Urban Energy Systems

Professor Nilay Shah and Dr James Keirstead

 September 2012
Renato Cabral  A quantification of the value provided by flexible oxy-combustion CCS to the UK energy system

Dr Niall MacDowell

 October 2015
Junjun Cai Elucidation and Control of Signal Transduction, Metabolism and Gene Regulation in Cellular Systems 

Dr Jawahar Krishnan

 July 2016
Raul Calvo Serrano Process Optimisation and Sustainability Analysis

Dr Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez

 April 2016
Juan Sebastian Campos Salazar Multilevel Algorithms for Large Scale Semidefinite Programming

Dr Panos Parpas

 October 2013

Harry Cardenas Mansilla

Molecular Systems Engineering

Professor George Jackson and Professor Erich Müller

 November 2015

Francesco Ceccon Special Structure Detection in MINLP

Dr Ruth Misener

 October 2016

Benjamin Paul Chamberlain


Machine Learning

Professor Marc Deisenroth  October 2014

Jingyi Chen


Materials Science and Engineering

Professor Nigel Brandon  November 2015

Solène Marine Chiquier


Deployment of Negative Emissions Technologies around the World

Dr Niall MacDowell  September 2018
Cheng-Ta Chu  Global electricity sector decarbonisation modelling

Dr Adam Hawkes

 October 2015

Daniel Coelho De Castro

  Professor Marc Deisenroth  October 2016
Constanza Cumicheo Melgarejo The combination of bioenergy, natural gas and CCS for negative emissions

Dr Niall MacDowell and Professor Nilay Shah

 November 2015
Habiba Daggash A socio-techno-economic evaluation and optimisation of negative emissions technologies integrated with the broader energy system, subject to bio-geophysical and geopolitical constraints

Dr Niall MacDowell

 October 2016

Nat Dilokthanakul


Cognitive Integration and Collective Synchronization in Self-organizing Spiking Neural Network

Professor Marc Deisenroth  October 2014
David Dorantes Romero
Capture and analysis of process connectivity and topology Professor Nina Thornhill
 October 2012
Michael Ehrenstein  Supply Chain Risk Management and Optimisation for Resilient Cities

Dr Gonzalo Guillén Gosálbez

 October 2016

Melis Ekinci


CLICK-seq: A Novel Proteomic Tool to Map the Epigenome of Disease

Dr Peter DiMaggio  October 2014
Karl Fairhurst Molecular simulation of associating fluids, using a combination of molecular dynamics (MD) and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, with coarse-grained models Professor Erich Müller and Professor George Jackson  October 2015

Mathilde Fajardy

Investigating the water-energy-carbon-land nexus of bioenergy with CO­2 capture and storage (BECCS)

Dr Niall MacDowell

 October 2016

Maziar Fayaz Torshizi


Chemical Engineering

Professor Erich Müller  October 2015

Mohammed Fazel


Measurement of Circumferential Stress in Horizontal, Stratified, Two-Phase Flows

Professor Christos Markides  November 2017

José Carlos Ferreira Rodrigues De Morais

An in silico-in vitro approach to leukaemia Professor Athanasios Mantalaris and Dr Nicki Panoskaltsis  October 2016

Joana Filipa Salgado Soares dos Santos

Towards Personalised Medicine: Developing a 3D leukaemia biomimicry

Professor Athanasios Mantalaris and Dr Nicki Panoskaltsis  July 2015

Anton Firth


Novel Process to Remediate Land and Water Contaminated by Acid Mine Drainate, with a Focus on South Africa

Dr Niall Mac Dowell  September 2017

Andrea Gayon Lombardo


Electrochemical Science and Engineering

Professor Nigel Brandon  November 2017
Shubhechyya Ghosal  Distributionally Robust Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Professor Wiesemann Wolfram

 September 2016
Lucian Gomoescu Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification For Complex Mathematical Models  

Professor Costas Pantelides


 April 2016

Andrés González Garay Multi-Scale modelling and optimisation of sustainable chemical processes

Dr Gonzalo Guillén Gosálbez

 October 2016
Edward Graham
The integrated molecular and process modelling of carbon dioxide capture in amine solvents

Professor Claire Adjiman, Professor George Jackson and Professor Amparo Galindo

 December 2014
Yingjian Guo Modelling the Role of Gas T&D Infrastructure in Future Low Carbon Energy Systems

Dr Adam Hawkes

 October 2015

James Wilford Hamilton


Long Term Development of the Investment Supply Chain in Energy

Dr Adam Hawkes  March 2017
Asmaa A M H Harraz Developing Models for Advanced Solar Cooling Technologies Using Diffusion-Absorption-Refrigeration Systems

Professor Christos Markides and Dr Niall Mac Dowell

 September 2017

Chiara Heide

Cell-free protein synthesis in a continuous exchange system powered by chloroplasts for a more sustainable way of in vitro protein synthesis 

Non-profit organisation, founded by Chiara Heide called Humans of Science

Dr Cleo Kontoravdi, Professor Oscar Ces and Dr Karen Polizzi  October 2016
Pooya Hoseinpoori

Decarbonisation of Heat in the UK

Dr Niall Mac Dowell  August 2017

Khairul Amilin Ibrahim


Fuel Cells

Professor Nigel Brandon  January 2015
Frederike Jaeger Flow of fluids through porous media with application to membranes: from the molecular to the continuum scale

Professor Erich Müller and Professor Omar Matar

 October 2014

Caroline Jones


Quantification and Monitoring of Fluid Phase Behaviour and Trapping in Geological Carbon Sequestration Sites


Professor Geoffrey Maitland

 October 2016

Sanket Sayaji Kamthe

  Professor Marc Deisenroth  October 2016
Ashkan Kavei Development and Application of Stack Segmented Fuel Cell Systems

Professor Nigel Brandon, Dr Gregory J Offer, Dr Billy Wu and Dr Vladimir Yufit

 September 2015
Esma Koca Product Release Strategies in Single and Multiple Markets

Professor Wiesemann Wolfram

 October 2013

Nahide Koksal

  Dr Peter DiMaggio  October 2016
Clea Kolster Multi-scale Modelling and Analysis of the Dynamic CO2 Injection and Storage

Dr Niall MacDowell and Dr Sam Krevor

 October 2014
Pavlos Kotidis Modeling of the Optimization of a Bioprocess 

Dr Cleo Kontoravdi

 October 2017

Stefanos Konstantinopoulos

 Free Energy Calculations for Crystal Structure Prediction

Professor Constantinos Pantelides  December 2017

Pavlos Kotidis


Model-Driven Optimization of Bioprocess Design

Dr Cleo Kontoravdi  October 2017
Spiros Kournopoulos Development of state-of-the-art thermodynamic model for mixtures containing water, carbon-dioxide, salts and hydrocarbons in bulk and in confinement

Professor Amparo Galindo and Professor George Jackson

 September 2016
Georgia Lazarou Modelling the Effect of pH on the Thermodynamics of Electrolyte Solutions Using the Statistical Associating Fluid Theory 

Professor Claire Adjiman, Professor Amparo Galindo, Professor George Jackson and Professor Erich Müller

 October 2013
YeSeol (Lauren) Lee Integrated Molecular and Process Design: The Optimal Solvent Design for CO2 Chemical Absorption Process

Professor Claire Adjiman, Professor Amparo Galindo and Professor George Jackson

 October 2017
David Leng Fault propagation, detection and analysis in proce ss systems

Professor Nina Thornhill

 September 2013
Tom Lindeboom Molecular Origins of the Thermodynamic Properties, Phase Separation Behaviour and Structure of Biomolecules in Aqueous Solutions Professor George Jackson  October 2015

Emily Leonidou


Small Molecule-Mediated Knockdown of DOT1L as a New Epigenetic Therapeutic Approach for Leukaemia

Dr Peter DiMaggio  September 2017

Elysia Lucas


Modelling of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus via Environmentally Extended Input-Output Tables Coupled with Optimisation

Dr Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez  October 2018

Matthieu Lucke


Abnormal Event Management for the Process Industries using Heterogeneous Data from Disparate Sources

Professor Nina Thornhill  October 2016

Elli Makrydaki

Designing an Artificial Golgi Reactor Dr Cleo Kontoravdi  October 2016
Nikiforos Maragkos Novel Composite Materials Design for Economic Infrastructure Equipment

Professor Efstratios Pistikopoulos

 October 2009
Amit M. Manthanwar Multiscale Design, Robust Optimisation and Robust Model Predictive Control of Fuel Cell Energy Systems

Professor Efstratios Pistikopoulos

 February 2012
Calum J McIntosh Controlling the Quality of Novel Glycoprotein Therapeutics

Dr Cleo Kontoravdi

 November 2015

Adrian Millea


Information Geometry and Deep Learning

Professor Marc Deisenroth  November 2015
Miten Mistry Integrating Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming and Satisfiability Modulo Theories for Next-Generation Optimisation Algorithms

Dr Ruth Misener

 October 2015

Luciana Miu


A Socio-Technical Framework to Drive the Introduction of Energy Efficiency Measures for Private Households in the UK

Dr Adam Hawkes  October 2016

Maher Morsi Hassan Mohamed


Next-Generation Renewable and Waste-Heat Recovery

Professor Christos Markides  July 2018

Hannah Moran


Stratified-Wavy Two-Phase Pipe Flows: Experiments and Numerical Simulations

Professor Christos Markides  September 2017

Riccardo Moriconi


Gaussian Processes, Reinforcement Learning

Professor Marc Deisenroth  October 2016

Mohamad Muhieddine


A Computer-Aided Framework for the Design of Solvents and Processes

Professor Claire Adjiman, Professor Amparo Galindo and Professor Alan Armstrong  October 2018

Diego Armando Moya Pinta

Global energy system modelling for the decarbonisation of the building sector Dr Adam Hawkes  October 2017
Ahmad Najjaran kheirabadi Solar cooling/heating power systems

Professor Christos Markides

 October 2016

Peter Keene North


Urban Energy Systems

Professor Nilay Shah  May 2014
Nur Redzuan Nur Jazlan The Design of Optimal Solvents in Reactive Systems

Professor Amparo Galindo and Professor Claire Adjiman

 October 2016 
Simon C W Olofsson Advanced Optimisation and Control for Bioreactors

Dr Ruth Misener and Dr Marc Deisenroth

 May 2016

Andreas Olympios


Economic and Socio-Technological Assessment of Low Carbon and Environmental Improvements for the Automotive Manufacturing Sector

Professor Christos Markides  October 2018

Mengzheng Ouyang


Catalytic Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Professor Nigel Brandon  April 2015

Samata Pandey

  Dr Cleo Kontoravdi  November 2016

Janith Petangoda


Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Robotics

Professor Marc Deisenroth  September 2017

Catalina A. Pino-Muñoz


Mathematical Modelling of Vanadium-Based Redox Flow Batteries

Professor Nigel Brandon  October 2015

Yoga Wienda Pratama


Multi-Scale Modelling and Optimization of Energy Systems for Assessing the Role of Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies in Different Systems Characteristics

Dr Niall Mac Dowell  April 2018         

Edouard Querel


3D Interfaces for High Energy Density Na-Batteries

Professor Nigel Brandon  October 2017
Catalina Pino Electrodes by design - improved electrodes for redox flow batteries

Professor Nigel Brandon

October 2015
Yoga Wienda Pratama Multi-Scale Modelling and Optimization of Energy Systems for Assessing the Role of Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies in Different Systems Characteristics Dr Niall MacDowell  April 2018         

Ussama Javed Rai


Developing Energy Storage and Demand Response Aggregation Models for Smart Energy Grid Applications in Context of Energy Transitions

Dr Adam Hawkes  

 March 2017   (Part-Time)

Jai Rajyaguru Rigorous Numerical Analysis with Polynomial Models: Applications to Implicit and Differential-Algebraic Equations

Dr Benoît Chachuat

 October 2011

Hunnan Rajput


Closing the Knowledge Gap by Combing Empirical and Fundamental Models

Dr Benoît Chachuat   November 2018
Shakeel Ramjanee Integrated Production Modelling Systems for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry and Field Performance

Professor Nilay Shah

 October 2015

Emma Richards


Rheology & Phase Boundary Predictions of Non-Ionic Surfactants Through Coarse Grained Molecular Modelling Using SAFT-γ Mie

Professor Erich Muller and Prof George Jackson  October 2018

Daniel F. Rodriguez Vallejo

Optimisation of OSN Membrane Cascade Superstructures Dr Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez and Dr Benoit Chachuat  January 2017

Daniel Rodriguez Vallejo

Development of a Computational Framework for the Optimisation of Chemical Processes under Uncertainty

Dr Benoît Chachuat  January 2017

Andrew Russell


Molecular Simulation of Associating Fluids

Professor Christos Markides  October 2015

Raymond Elliott Sacks


Liquid/Water Compression of Air

Professor Christos Markides  March 2018

Steindor Saemundsson


Deep Generative Models

Professor Marc Deisenroth  October 2016

Joana Salgado Soares Dos Santos


Three-Dimensional Human Leukaemia Cell Cultures

 Professor Athanasios Mantalaris  July 2017

Hugh Richard Raffaello Salimbeni


Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning

Professor Marc Deisenroth  October 2015

Manfredi Giovanni San Martino D'Aglie Di San Germano


Biomedical Engineering and Tissue Engineering

Dr Jawahar Krishnan  September 2017

Oliver Schmidt

Innovation potential of energy storage technologies and the value of storage in low-carbon energy systems Dr Adam Hawkes  October 2015

Marzia Sesini

Gas Storage and its Strategic Coordination within the EU Market: A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach Dr Adam Hawkes  October 2015
Olivia Sloan Combined CO2 Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the North Sea. Rock Heterogeneity and Flow in Geologic Systems with Low Flow Potential – applications to Subsurface CO2Injection

Dr Sam Krevor, Dr Niall McDowell and Dr Jerome Neufeld (at Cambridge)

 October 2015

Benedict Simon


Hybrid Flow Batteries

Professor Nigel Brandon  February 2018
Michael Simpson On loss characterisation and minimisation in positive displacement expansion machines

Professor Christos Markides

 November 2016
Qiao Yan Soh Optimal Analysis, Design and Operation of Smart Estate Equipment and Systems for the Built Environment

Professor Nilay Shah

 1 March 2019
Bowen Song Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 

Professor Nigel Brandon

 October 2015
Graham Stevenson Engineering Ceramic Scaffold Electrodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells

Professor Nigel Brandon

 September 2015
Nixon Sunny Enabling a low-carbon economy via hydrogen and CCS

Professor Nilay Shah and Dr Niall Mac Dowell

October 2017

Akara Supratak


Computing Research

Professor Marc Deisenroth  October 2013

Rui Tan

Advanced Redox Flow Batteries for Energy Storage

Professor Nigel Brandon  September 2017

Ruomu Tan

Kernel Based Nonlinear Condition Monitoring for Operation under Varying Production Regimes

Professor Nina Thornhill  July 2018
Naveed Tariq Model Based Analysis of Low Carbon Energy Pathways based on Natural Gas Professor Nilay Shah October 2012

Fabian Thiemann


Understanding interfacial properties of water on hexagonal boron nitride using machine learning 

Professor Erich Muller  October 2018
Chinedu K. Unamba Reciprocating-Piston Energy Conversion Technologies Professor Christos Markides  March 2016

Michele Valsecchi


Modelling the sorption of gases into amorphous materials through the SAFT EoS

Professor Amparo Galindo and Professor George Jackson  October 2019
Yukun Wang Set Theoretic Approaches in Estimation and Optimization of Large-Scale Process Systems

Dr Benoît Chachuat

 October 2015
Oliver Luke Watson Solvent Design for Pharmaceutical Processes

Professor Amparo Galindo, Professor Claire Adjiman and Professor George Jackson

 October 2017

Patrick Wehner


A Systems Perspective for Addressing the Complexity of Localization in Emerging Markets

Professor Nilay Shah  September 2014
Johannes Wiebe Real-time Prognosis for Fault Diagnosis using Data-Driven Dynamic Optimisation

Dr Ruth Misener

 September 2017

James Turner Wilson


Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience

Professor Marc Deisenroth  September 2017

Stuart Fraser Wright


Multiphase Fluid Mechanics

Professor Christos Markides  November 2014

Yuhua Xia


Energy, Environment, Modelling and Minerals

Professor Nigel Brandon  February 2015
Iván Ying Xuan Electricity Demand-Side Response From Heavy Industrial Loads

Professor Nina Thornhill

 October 2015
Marta A. Zagorowska Condition-based control systems taking account of stress on equipment

Professor Nina Thornhill and Dr Charlotte Skourup from ABB Norway

 September 2016

Sophia Zemenides


The Role of Metabolism and its Immune Effects in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia using a 3-Dimensional Culture System that Recapitulates the Bone Marrow

Professor Athanasios Mantalaris  June 2015

Yanlin Zha


Distributed Global Optimization Algorithms for Large-Scale Chemical Processes

Dr Benoît Chachuat  October 2018

Rui Zhang


Design of Nanostructured Catalysts for CO2 Conversion to Methanol

Dr Benoît Chachuat  September 2017

Yizu Zhang


Crystal Structure Prediction for Organic Molecules in the Presence of Water

Professor Claire Adjiman and Professor Costas Pantelides  October 2018
Lingru ( Lynn) Zheng

Molecular simulation and equation of state modelling of confined hydrocarbon fluids

Professor Erich Müller   October 2016

Kezheng Zhu


Combining Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Simulation to Develop Engineering Correlations for Fluid Properties

 Professor Erich Müller  October 2018
CPSE Imperial College PhD Students
Summary of the table's contents

Sargent Centre UCL PhD Students
Name                                                                               Thesis Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SupervisorsStart Date
Deemah Aljuhani Supply chain optimisation-based approaches using mathematical programming techniques

Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou

 September 2016
Davide Bascone Modelling and Optimisation of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Professor Eric Fraga

 March 2015
Matthew Booth Development of an automated turbidostat platform for the investigation and characterization of the effects of environmental and process parameters on the physiology and metabolism of green algae

Dr Alexandros Kiparissides

 September 2017
Andres Calderon Vargera Supply Chain Optimisation of Energy Systems

Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou

 May 2013

Artemis-Danae Charalambidou

A Combined Mathematical and Experimental Investigation of Multiphase Flow, Nutrient Transport and Mammalian Cell Metabolism in Continuous Bioreactors

Dr Alexandros Kiparissides
 September 2018

Dian Ning Chia


Optimal design and operation of hybrid separation processes

Professor Eva Sørensen  September 2019

Andres Chico

Optimisation model for the implementation of second generation biorefineries with economic, environmental and social objectives

Professor Eric Fraga

 June 2018

Charalampos Christodoulou

Modelling and Optimization of Absorption During Coating of Pharmaceutical Tablets

Dr Luca Mazzei and Professor Eva Sorensen

 October 2015
Matthew Thomas Darby First-Principles Simulations of Molecular Phenomena on Bimetallic Hydrogenation Catalysts

Dr Michail Stamatakis

 October 2013

Fanyi Duanmu


Optimal design and operation of intensified distillation processes

Professor Eva Sørensen  September 2019
Jude Ejeh    An optimization framework for the oil and gas supply chain

Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou

 September 2016
De Oliveira Filho  Development, implementation and application of a language for modeling uncertainty in design and process optimisation

Professor Eric Fraga

 October 2015

Nicholas Francesco Francia


Towards a Finite-Temperature Screening of Crystal-Energy Landscapes

Dr Matteo Salvalaglio  March 2018
Ilaria Gimondi Molecular modelling of nucleation and polymorphic transformations of organic crystals

Dr Matteo Salvalaglio

 November 2015
Ioannis Gkioulekas   ***New Student***

Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou

Victoria Gkoutzioupa A framework for the development, analysis and validation of mathematical models of upstream unit operations used in the production of recombinant proteins as part of an integrated whole bioprocess modelling platform

Dr Alexandros Kiparissides

 September 2017

Chunbing Huang

Stochastic Collisional Exchange Processes: Theoretical Investigation and Numerical Platform Development

Dr Federico Galvanin

 September 2017
Elnaz Jamili Model-based optimal control of non-viral gene delivery

Dr Vivek Dua and Dr Michail Stamatakis

 November 2012
Mariya Koleva Optimisation of Wastewater Systems

Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou

 March 2013
Lukmaan Kolia
Development of a combined mathematical and experimental approach for the design, evaluation and optimization of algae based bioprocesses

Dr Alexandros Kiparissides

 October 2016
Loukas Kollias Molecular Modelling of the Templated Growth of Hierarchical Materials

Dr Matteo Salvalaglio

 September 2016
Yunjie Liao Development and validation of a model of energy differential production across the liver sinusoid

Professor David Bogleand Dr Nathan Davies (UCL Division of Medicine)

 October 2015
Maximilian Lularevic A combined multi-scale modelling and experimental investigation of the effects of Lactate metabolism on mammalian cell bioprocessing

Dr Alexandros Kiparissides

 October 2015

Teng Martin Ma


Elucidating the strong interactions between Pt-Pd nanoalloys and TiO2 support with neural network potentials

Dr Michail Stamatakis  October 2018
Veselina Marinova Crystal growth of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Dr Matteo Salavaglio

 June 2016
Funmilayo Olabode Parameter estimation using neural networks

Dr Vivek Dua

  January 2014
Arun Pankajakshan Optimal design of experiments in microreactor platform for the automated identification of reaction kinetics

Dr Federico Galvanin (primary) and Professor Asterios Gavriilidis (secondary)

 January 2017
Konstantinos Papanikolaou

First-principles kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of hydrogenation reactions on alloy catalysts

Dr Michail Stamatakis   November 2017
Carlos Perez-Galvan Global Optimisation of Dynamic Process Systems

Professor David Bogle

 January 2013

Andres Chico Proanio

  Prof Eric Fraga  September 2016
Marco Quaglio Embracing uncertainty in the deterministic modelling of kinetic phenomena Dr Federico Galvanin  September 2016
Victor Sanchez Tarre A Combined Multi-Scale Modelling and Experimental Approach to Optimize Algal Culture Efficiency at the Metabolic, Process and Reactor Design Level Dr Alexandros Kiparissides and Dr Gary Lye  September 2015
Carlos Ricardo Suarez-Heredia

Development of a Combined Mathematical and Experimental Platform for the Design and Optimisation of Metabolically Balanced Nutrient Supplementation Strategies in Semiā€Continuous Mammalian Cell Cultures

Dr Alexandros Kyparissidis  April 2016
Aikaterini Tsatse Reactive Distillation: Modelling and mitigation strategies Professor Eva Sørensen and Dr Matteo Salvalaglio
 March 2017

Niccolò Alberto Elia Venanzi


Machine learning and computational tools to predict and study protein aggregation

Dr Alexandros  Kiparissides  September 2019
Carmen Wouters Optimal Design and Regulation of Residential Distributed Energy Systems

Professor Eric Fraga

 February 2013

Sai Sharath Yadavalli 


Computational design of poisoning-resistant catalysts for methane-steam reforming

 Dr Michail Stamatakis  October 2018
CPSE UCL PhD Students
Summary of the table's contents