CPSE Seminars

2017 CPSE Seminar Series Programme

SpeakerTitle and Abstracts Seminar Date

Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann (Carnegie Mellon University)

Abstract - Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann
New developments in flexibility analysis and global optimization

24 February 2017

Dr Jie Li (The University of Manchester)

Abstract - Dr Jie Li                                                                                   
Data-Driven Mathematical Modeling and Global Optimization Framework for Integrated Petroleum and Petrochemical Planning Operations
8 March 2017

Dr. Xiaoxia “Nina” Lin (University of Michigan -Ann Arbor)

Abstract - Dr Xiaoxia “Nina” Lin
Elucidating and Engineering Microbial Communities: Systems and Synthetic Biology Approaches
5 April 2017
Professor Vassily Hatzimanikatis
(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) -Laboratory of Computational Systems Biotechnology
Abstract - Professor Vassily Hatzimanikatis                                                               Concepts and Methods from Chemical Reaction Engineering and Process Sys-tems Engineering for Exploring and Managing Metabolic Complexity 26 April 2017

Professor Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos (Texas A&M)

Abstract - Professor Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos                                        
Towards the grand unification of model-based design, control and scheduling

17 May 2017

Professor Costas D. Maranas(The Pennsylvania State of University) Abstract - Professor Costas D. Maranas
Using systems engineering tools to elucidate and redesign biological networks 
7 June 2017

2017 CPSE Ad Hoc Seminars

SpeakerTitle and Abstracts Seminar Date
Professor Venkat Venkatasubramanian (Columbia University) Abstract -Professor Venkat Venkatasubramanian
How Much Income Inequality is Fair? Surprising insights from Statistical Thermodynamics and Game Theory
23 November 2017
Professor G.V. Rex Reklaitis     (Purdue University) Abstract - Professor G.V. Rex Reklaitis
Contributions & Challenges for Process Systems Engineering in Healthcare
20 November 2017
Professor Yaroslav Sergeyev (University of Calabria) Absract - Professor Yaroslav Sergeyev                                                        Lipschitz global optimization  22 February 2017
Dr Yousef Alshammari (University of Vienna) Abstract - Dr Yousef Alshammari
Achieving deep cuts in CO2 emissions in oil producing countries: the Case of Saudi Arabia 
13 January 2017
Professor Chrysanthos E. Gounaris (Carnegie Mellon University) Abstract - Professor Chrysanthos E. Gounaris                                    
Mathematical optimization for process operations and materials design 
21 November 2017

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