Workshop and Courses


The CPSE Optimisation Courses tackle concepts in problems formulation and solution method in optimisation at basic and advanced levels. The courses are highly suitable for those in Industry and also individuals seeking to advance their knowledge in optimisation. We will be running these courses yearly.  The programme for this year's course can be downloaded below.

Introduction to Optimisation Course ‌ -  10th to 11th April 2017 This course will provide an introduction to concepts in problem formulation and solution methods for linear, nonlinear and mixed-integer problems. The course will be primarily focused on local optimisation methods, with a brief introduction to global optimisation. It is designed for industry practitioners and will provide an overview of the types of problems that can be solved with today’s tools and some hands-on experience. No prior knowledge of optimisation is assumed. By the end of the course, users will have an understanding of how to approach the formulation and solution of optimisation problems. They will be ready to attend the Advanced Optimisation Course.

Advanced Optimisation Courseā€Œ  -  22nd to 23rd May 2017. This course builds on the introductory course and focuses on concepts in global optimisation, bilevel optimisation, multi objective optimisation, dynamic optimisation, optimisation under uncertainty. It is suitable for attendees who have a basic knowledge of optimisation or who have attended the Introduction to Optimisation and would like to further their knowledge.

Cost of attendance:

  • CPSE Consortium Member Companies can enrol up to 2 employees for free
  • £900 per course and £1440 for both off (20%)
  • The course is sponsored by an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship

Enquiries and enrolment

To register for these courses, please complete the Registration Form and email it to Miss Senait Selassie: