Annual Industrial Consortium Meeting

Annual Industrial Consortium Meeting

CPSE hosts the Industrial Consortium Meeting annually for Company Members

CPSE’s fundamental commitment is to develop expertise over the whole range of process systems engineering and to develop mechanisms for the transfer of new technology to industry. Through the Industrial Consortium, the Centre provides a neutral platform for intercompany networking and benchmarking with some of the largest multinational companies. During the Industrial Consortium meeting, members are briefed on the current research in process systems and how they can apply it in their own company. Future predictions and where research could lead are also provided. The Consortium Meeting also enhances further opportunities for Industrial Members to meet all levels of researchers in CPSE, including: academic staff, researchers and students.

The 2020 Annual Industrial Consortium will take place on 3rd and 4th December 2020. The agenda is below. You can register for the event here.  For more information, please contact Miss Senait Selassie:


Agenda for December 2020 Annual Consortium Meeting – All times GMT/UTC

 The meeting will take place via MS Teams in two shortened sessions over two days. Day One is for sharing information, issues and ideas from Consortium members, and Day Two is about research going on in CPSE, plus discussion of future CPSE activity and events.

Taking advantage of the virtual format, we would welcome Consortium members inviting their colleagues to this event, and hope the proposed timings allow as much cross-company multination participation as possible. And 


Day 1 Thursday December 3rd 2020 

Hosted by Professor Claire Adjiman, Imperial College and Director. Sargent Centre

1330   Meeting room opens for informal introductions and conversations

1400 – 1405 Welcome

1405 – 1435 Sargent Centre overview from Professor Adjiman

1435 – 1510 Short talks from Consortium members – 10 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion per talk

Representatives from ABB, Proctor and Gamble (Petronas unconfirmed)

What’s happening with us, important issues for the Sargent Centre community to work on, what would we be interested in the whole group discussing

Break 1510 – 1525

 1525 – 1610 Short talks from consortium members continued 

Representatives from BP, Syngenta, ExxonMobil

1610 – 1645 Panel discussion on issues arising – moderated by Professor Adjiman

1645 Close



Day 2  Friday December 4th 2020 

Hosted by Professor David Bogle, UCL and Deputy Director, Sargent Centre

1400 – 1405   Introduction and observations from Day 1

1405 – 1505  “Poster talks” in 2 parallel tracks, with moderators as shown

        Track 1                                                       Track 2

1405 -1435   Product and Process Design           Computational Optimisation and Machine Learning

Dr Matteo Salvalaglio, UCL                 Dr Antonio del Rio-Chanona, Imperial College                                                                                       

1435 - 1505 Operations and Control                  Modelling and Model Solution Tools 

        Dr Maria Papathanasiou,                  Dr Alex Kiparissides, UCL and University of Thessaloniki

        Imperial College                      

 Each 30 minute session includes 4 short presentations

Break 1505 – 1520

1520 – 1600  Presentations on current research by Sargent Centre academic members

Dr Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College – “Design for Flexibility, Sustainability and Resilience in Complex Engineering Systems: Application in On-Shore LNG Production Systems”

Dr Cleo Kontoravdi, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College – “BioIndustry 4.0: How CPSE is contributing to the race for a Covid-19 vaccine”

1600 – 1625 Private discussion amongst consortium members 

1625 – 1645 Plenary discussion: Views on the event, future directions for the Consortium, and future activities. For example, would there be interest in more frequent virtual events (perhaps for 90 minutes every 2 or 3 months?) which could be single topic-focussed and led by academic and/or industrial members, or more varied short talks plus general discussion, or any other suggestions? 

Moderated by Professor Bogle

1645 Close



Industrial Digital Technologies

Industrial Digital Technologies

The video explains how machine learning is being used at the CPSE to address sustainable complex systems, such as bioprocesses.

Intelligent Solvent Design

Intelligent Solvent Design

This video outlines how the CPSE and F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG apply “manufacturing made smarter” by using computational techniques to develop new chemicals, molecules and therapies to speed up the manufacturing and development of new products.

Meta Modelling

Meta Modelling

In this video researchers from the CPSE and Eli Lilly explain how “Quality by design” is researched and applied to reduce the cost of drug development and regulatory approval. Allowing patients to have access to very needed remedies in the shortest possible time.