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Newsletter, Issue 15, July 2017
Consortium Members can access the Technical Article "Can technology unlock ‘unburnable carbon’?."

from the "Members Only" section. The public will be able to access the article in 6 months (January 2018)

Energy Systems Engineering

Newsletter, Issue 14, October 2016

The Commercial Potential of Industrial Excess Heat


In Memoriam: Christodoulos Achilleus Floudas

Energy Systems Engineering

Newsletter, Issue 13, October 2015

Bridging the Gap: Computer-Aided Engineering for Energy Security and Environment

Energy Systems Engineering

Newsletter, Issue 12, May 2015

Expanding the applicability of the SAFT-g group contribution equation of state

Molecular Systems Engineering
Newsletter, Issue 11, November 2014

Engineering at the Cellular Scale: Understanding and Manipulating Information

Systems Biology
Newsletter, Issue 10, July 2014 Deterministic Global optimisation at CPSE: Models, Algorithms, and Software Global Optimisation
Newsletter, Issue 9, March 2014

Physical Property Prediction for the Twenty-First Century: The SAFT-y Mie Group

Physical Property Prediction
Newsletter, Issue 8, October 2013 No technical article