Doctoral positions around the CPE

Project title: The interaction of chirality and spin in paramagnetic helicenes

Project supervisor: Dr Jochen Brandt

fully funded 4-year PhD position on chiral materials starting Oct 2020. The project will use paramagnetic helicenes and helicene-transition metal complexes to investigate the Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity (CISS) mechanism. CISS has been implicated in diverse research areas such as spintronics, electron transfer in proteins, or more efficient water splitting but remains poorly understood. The project is highly multidisciplinary, and combines fundamental research with exciting applications.

Please note that the application will need to be done using the Imperial College online application system by 02/08/2020.

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Contact Jochen Brandt for more information.

Project title: Flexible organic and hybrid solar cells utilising new photoactive materials

Project supervisors: Professor Ji-Seon Kim (Imperial) & Dr Diego Bagnis (CSEM Brasil)

The project has a strategic importance for Sustainable Society developing Materials for Renewable Energy, sponsored by EPSRC and Industry. The project aims to develop high efficiency and high stability flexible solar cell devices using newly developed photoactive materials. Such development will be based on fundamental understanding of the main loss mechanisms of solar cell materials and devices, with a particular focus on photophysical processes involved in the generation, trapping, and recombination of photogenerated charge carriers. We will investigate how these processes are influenced by different organic/organic and organic/inorganic interfaces formed in bulk and planar heterojunction solar cell devices. ( Contact Prof Ji-Seon Kim.