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Project title: Analysis of charge dynamics in organic and perovskite solar cells


Professor James Durrant (Chemistry)


Dr Piers Barnes (Physics) 

The project

3.5 years, starting as soon as possible. Only available to home (UK) students. Standard EPSRC London weighted bursary. 

Applicants are invited for a fully funded studentship on the analysis of charge dynamics in organic and perovskite solar cells, aligned with the recently awarded EPSRC programme grant ‘Application targeted and integrated photovoltaics (ATIP)’.

The project will focus in the use of time and frequency domain analyses of printed solar cells developed under this programme, including transient photovoltage and photocurrent analyses, alongside impedance and photoluminescence measurements, building upon expertise in the Durrant and Barnes groups in these techniques. The project is most suited to applicants with a background in physics, electric engineering or physical chemistry. There will be extensive opportunities for training and external collaboration, both with ATIP and within Imperial’s Centre for Processable Electronics, as well as the supervision of master students and undergraduate teaching.


Interested applicants please contact Professor James Durrant  / contact Piers Barnes