IC Reporter Issue 16 (28 NOVEMBER - 11 DECEMBER 1995) Staff Newspaper of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

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SPE awards IC

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter of Imperial College has been awarded honourable mention in the outstanding student chapter award presentation during the SPE annual technical conference in Dallas, USA in October. The Student Chapter, based in the Department of Earth Resources Engineering, has been recognised for its exceptional programme of technical and educational activities in petroleum engineering. The faculty sponsor is Dr Richard Dawe, reader in reservoir physics. There are some 82 student chapters in petroleum engineering worldwide.

Paul Comrie, an MSc student in Petroleum Engineering 1993-94, was selected as the winner of the master’s division of the international student paper contest at the conference in Dallas. Paul presented his paper on organic acids and reservoir water geochemistry. He now works with Amoco (UK) Exploration Company as a production/reservoir engineer on their NW Hutton field.

Boathouse plans refused

Planning permission for the proposed extension of IC’s Boathouse (issue 13) on the Putney Embankment has been refused on the grounds of ‘overdevelopment of the site’. It is likely that the College will appeal against the decision.

Privatised loans

The Government intention to make student loans available through a new private sector company, in addition to the Government’s Student Loans Company, was announced in the Queen’s Speech on 15 November. Chairman of CVCP, Professor Gareth Roberts, commented, “It is not important to us who owns the debt. What matters is the repayment mechanism, which as it stands is fundamentally flawed. Graduates should be able to pay back a sustainable percentage of their earnings for as long as it takes to repay their debt...We are disappointed that [the Government] have not seen fit to consult us on this latest move, but look forward to being consulted about the future shape of the student maintenance loan system”.

Student funding comment

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