IC Reporter Issue 16 (28 NOVEMBER - 11 DECEMBER 1995) Staff Newspaper of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

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The rector’s Award for Excellence presentations take place on Tuesday 28 November. This year’s first prize for outstanding service to IC will be shared between two separate entries.

Anne Barrett, the College archivist, nominated by Susan Irwin, the Chemistry departmental librarian, will receive first prize for mounting two exhibitions commemorating the centenary of the death of T.H. Huxley.

Karel Kaayk and Jane Strong, Estates ARCCS, jointly proposed by Frank Murray, sport and leisure manager, will also be presented with first prize for sports and leisure facilities at Teddington sports ground.

There are three prize winners in the exceptional practical skills category this year. Paul Crudge, Chemical Engineering will receive first prize for an instrument for the measurement of the thermal conductivity of high temperature melts.

Trevor Beek, Physics, has achieved second prize for outstanding support to experimental space research activities.

Roland Hutchins and Stephen Johnson, Aeronautics, will jointly receive third prize for hypersonic gun tunnel models.

First prize in the enhancing the environment category goes to Tony Rippon, Metabolic Medicine, for artwork at St Mary’s. Alan King and Stephen Hughes, of the Bioengineering Unit at St Mary’s, will receive a special prize for the design of a collapsible equipment trolley and supporting frame for the transportation of critically ill children.

No recommendation was received for the category ‘enhancing health and safety’.

The rector's Award for Excellence is given for work carried out during the course of entrants’ employment at the College which reflects performance above the norm.

Entry is open to all members of the clerical, manual, technical and ALC (academic related administrative, library and computing) staff.

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Last Revised: 27 November 1995