Issue 71

17 - 30 November 1998

IC Reporter


Fourth win for world champion

Silwood Park’s Andy Purvis has won the world singles tiddlywinks championship for the fourth year running, beating American Larry Kahn by 30 points to 19.

“This was our fourth meeting in the world championships,” said Mr Purvis, a university research fellow set to become a lecturer in the Department of Biology in 2000. He is also the current UK champion and has twice won the American national finals.

Mr Purvis, who says he was very pleased with his win on 19 November, is coach for the College’s tiddlywinks club. “Everyone else has only been playing for a year while I have been playing for 15 years now. We have got maybe the second biggest club in the country.”

Next week, his team plays Oxford University, a long-standing club in comparison to Imperial’s which is just over a year old.

Mr Purvis added: “Cambridge is the dominant force and we get crushed by them on a regular basis.”

US challenger Larry Kahn, who holds the record for winning the world singles the most times, says he has spent 20,000 on tiddlywinks, an amateur sport.

The 1998 world singles championship was the 49th contest. The IC tiddlywinks club meets every Monday at 17.00 in the summer room at Silwood Park.

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